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Annual meeting attracts many participants
Annual meeting attracts many participants
31-03-2017 12:00
The number of participants in Danish Maritime's annual meeting, which takes place at MAN Diesel & Turbo in Copenhagen on Wednesday, April 5, has already rounded 100 - but it is still possible to register for this exciting event.

Vestas secures three Chinese turbine orders
29-03-2017 16:00
Vestas has secured three firm and unconditional orders for wind turbine projects in China, totaling 151 MW. Two of them are comprised of 48 MW with hub heights of 137 meters, China's tallest turbine towers. The second project is comprised of the 55 MW turbines, also built on the Vestas 2 MW platform.
New Hempel factory in Kuwait
26-03-2017 12:00
Hempel has inaugurated a new factory in Mina Abdullah in Kuwait. Built to ISO 9000 quality management guidelines, the new factory will meet growing demand for Hempel coatings in the Middle East region.
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Hempel appoints new CCO
08-03-2017 12:00
Michael Hansen will take up his position on 1 May as new Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Hempel, one of the world’s leading coatings manufacturers.
Spring has come to the Danish yards
24-02-2017 10:00
There was snow in many places in the country this morning. But worry not – Spring is coming. They know this at Søby Shipyard where the many ferry dockings - being prepared for the summer bustle - is a sure sign of spring
 Scrubber conference on the way
17-02-2017 12:00
Danish Martime and MARCOD focus on scrubber technology, implementation of sulfur rules and new business opportunities for Danish maritime suppliers at a conference in April.

 Greenlandic vessels choose Hirtshals
06-02-2017 08:00
At the moment, several Greenlandic vessels are berthed in Hirtshals. All vessels are going to get major ship services. In late January, Sarfaqittuk from Arctic Umiaq Line arrived. A week after, Pajuttat from Royal Arctic Line arrivied. The two vessels are in Hirtshals until mid-February.

The Danish shipyards are doing well
05-02-2017 10:00
While many shipyards around the world are struggling with deficits and empty order books, things are going really well for the Danish shipyards. We are no longer building large ships, but in turn we have a good hold of special ships, repairs and maintenance.
Restructuring expensive for Alfa Laval
31-01-2017 10:00
In 2016, Alfa Laval saw declines in both order intake, revenue and profits. The accounts were negatively impacted due to costs associated with a major restructuring. The fourth quarter did show improvement compared to the third quarter of 2016.
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Denmark and India in maritime agreement
12-01-2017 10:00
Danish Maritime and the Indian maritime trade organization Gujarat Maritime Board has signed the first maritime cooperation agreement in recent times between Denmark and India. The Minister of Energy, power and climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt was present at the signing.
Danish delivery for longest submarine cable
05-01-2017 12:00
The Danish marine consulting firm Survey Assosiation has signed an agreement to conduct risk managemet task of the Norwegian-British consortium, which is in the process of building the world's longest submarine cable.
 The maritime industry is more productive
01-11-2016 08:00
The maritime equipment industries and the shipyards have in recent years achieved productivity gains that are above the level of the Danish economy and the Blue Denmark as a whole. This is shown in a new report from the Danish Maritime Authority, prepared by the Labour Movement.

 Sulfur regulations may create Danish jobs
31-10-2016 08:00
New rules on sulfur emissions from the UN International Maritime Organization, IMO, can lead to many new jobs at Danish maritime industries. The rules will go into force in 2020. One of the companies that can benefit from the new rules are PureteQ which makes smoke cleaning plants.

PBES Sets Up Danish Operations
27-10-2016 10:00
DMF 2016: Plan B Energy Storage has announced the creation of PBES Denmark ApS. PBES Denmark will be the cornerstone of the energy storage industry in Denmark, delivering local jobs and focussing on bringing energy storage systems to marine and grid solutions in Denmark.
US visit does not resolve disagreement
02-10-2016 08:00
During a business visit to the US this week, which was led on by the Royal Couple and the Minister of Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen, the Danish Maritime's Vice President Michael Prehn did not hear any positive notes on ballast water from the Americans, but on the other hand he did not hear any bad ones either.
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Maritime opportunities in Dubai
22-09-2016 08:00
The fall in oil prices has reduced activity in the offshore and maritime industry. In Dubai there is still an ambitious growth strategy for the maritime area, which offers opportunities for Danish companies. The Danish General Consulate in Dubai will set focus on this on October 3 in Frederikshavn.
Young people to maritime training programs
21-09-2016 08:00
Danish Maritime is part of a campaign to get parents to talk education with their children. Employers are crying out for more skilled employees, but three out of four parents who have children that are between 14 and 23 years old, would advise their children to take a high school education.
 Bladt Industries focuses on growth
10-09-2016 08:00
In 2015, Bladt Industries had a revenue of nearly 3 billion kroner and an operating profit of 103,5 million kroner, and 2016 looks to be even better. So far, Bladt Industries has shipped three transformer stations this year, and 2016 looks to be a good year.

 Business Minister supports maritime export
06-09-2016 08:00
The more than 100 Danish companies that exhibit their skills on the world's largest maritime exhibition - SMM in Hamburg - received support from the Danish maritime minister who took the morning plane from Copenhagen to visit the Danish exhibitors on the opening day.

VMS Group is setting up on Rømø
24-08-2016 08:00
VMS Group from Frederikshavn has established a new department on Rømø Harbour. The department, which has been named VMS Service Base Wadden Sea, is established in cooperation with JKP Field Services from Esbjerg and should offer service especially in propulsion systems.
VMS Group is setting up on Rømø
24-06-2016 08:00
VMS Group from Frederikshavn has established a new department on Rømø Harbour. The department, which has been named VMS Service Base Wadden Sea, is established in cooperation with JKP Field Services from Esbjerg and should offer service especially in propulsion systems.
Alumeco supplies German shipyard
08-06-2016 12:00
The Danish aluminum specialist Alumeco, headquartered in Odense, will supply aluminum to a German shipyard that will use the material to build fast small military boats. It's a big production where accurate deliveries of the contracted quantity is important.
Semco establishes transformer station
13-05-2016 12:00
Semco Maritime is ready to tackle the layout of the transformer station in regard to the wind farm Sandbank, located in the German North Sea. The next 20-25 days will be intense days focused on the layout.
 Red numbers at Semco Maritime
08-05-2016 12:00
For the second consecutive year, Semco Maritime has red numbers on the bottom line. The drop in oil prices led to lower activity in the oil and gas sector, and caused Semco Maritime's revenue to fall to 1,744 billion kroner in 2015 from 2,269 billion kroner in 2014.

 Soon to be 100 tenants at Lindø
07-05-2016 12:00
There is great demand for facilities in Lindø Industrial Park, which is approaching 100 tenants. Never before has such a large part of the industrial park's facilities been rented out. Today, about 2,000 employees ply their trade in the industrial park

The maritime creates prosperity in Scanel
23-04-2016 12:00
The Frederikshavn company Scanel International A/S is pursuing a strategy to double sales. So far it looks fine for the company that has the order books filled for several years. It is not least the maritime area, as well as wind, oil and gas, which has created prosperity.
Growth potential in the maritime industry
19-04-2016 12:00
Despite the challenges of low growth in international trade and low oil prices, the Danish Maritime expects the maritime industry and the shipyards to experience progress. But it requires framework conditions to allow the businesses to compete more equally in the global market, says the trade organization.
How sustainable scrapping should look like
15-04-2016 12:00
The European Commission has published a technical guide for ship recycling facilities that would like to be approved by the EU. Such scrap yards must provide safe working conditions, control pollution and proper waste management.
OMT competing for Australian warships
27-03-2016 12:00
Odense Maritime Technology - also known as OMT - would like to supply the designs for nine Australian warships that will be built over the coming years. The warships have a total value of 150 billion kroner.
 Port Expansion worth 358 million on Lindø
08-03-2016 12:00
LINDØ port of ODENSE has started the extensive expansion of the port at Lindø. When the work is done, Lindø Industrial Park A/S and its owner Odense Havn will have an additional 500,000 square meters of harbor area, a new quay of more than a kilometer in length and Lindø Coastal Park.

 Hempel's new CEO has acceded
01-03-2016 12:00
Henrik Andersen has joined Hempel A/S from March 1. In a month he will replace Pierre-Yves Jullien as CEO. One of his main tasks will be to ensure that Hempel Group reaches its objectives of the new 2020 strategy, Journey to Excellence, which will expand Hempel's role as one of the world's leading producers of paint products.

Record year for Fayard
19-02-2016 12:00
The shipyard Fayard in Lindø Industrial Park has achieved the largest surplus ever. The surplus was at 88 million kroner before tax. It is 26 million kroner more than the previous year and the largest ever. The profit after tax was 67 million kroner.
Henrik Sørensen is the manager of the year
13-11-2015 08:00
Henrik Sørensen, who is the owner-manager of Desmi A/S, has just been named this year's manager in northern Jutland. The award was presented at a grading at Nykredit in Aalborg, where business leaders from all over Jutland paid tribute to a talented owner who has created a unique growth story.
New trawler order for Karstensens Shipyard
17-10-2015 08:00
The owners of Eshcol Fishing Company has placed an order for a 69,95 meter long pelagic trawler at Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen. New Building 435 will be named Grateful and owned by the well-known Whyte family based in Fraserburgh, Scotland.
MAN Diesel & Turbo accused of fraud
15-10-2015 08:00
MAN Diesel & Turbo, which is owned by Volkswagen, is accused of having done just like its owner, Volkswagen, in connection with the diesel engines, which the company produces. The indictment says that the engines consume more fuel than they have shown in a test.
 Immediate injunction for Fayard
04-10-2015 08:00
The Working Environment Authority has given Fayard an immediate injunction after an accident last weekend, where a man was caught between a ship and a 500-kilo rack. The rack came swinging as it had to be lifted onto a ship. The 48-year-old man broke seven ribs.

 New green scrubber solution
02-10-2015 12:00
PureteQ will be exhibiting their new Maritime Turbo Scrubber at the Danish Maritime Fair next week. The company is launching a lightweight, energy-efficient scrubber for shipping, which purifies flue gas and meets new legislation relating to the reduction of Sulfur emissions by 98%

New advanced tracking device
02-10-2015 08:00
The company Polaris Electronics A/S, which is situated in Aalborg, Denmark, takes a step further with the new, advanced tracking device SIRIUS One, which distinguishes itself from its competitors both in terms of reliability and price.
Safe Ocean Service has moved to Hirtshals
02-09-2015 08:00
Safe Ocean Service has in recent years worked on offshore units in the oil sector and in the wind industry and in several ports, but now they will focus on offshore services in the company's home port - Hirtshals. Safe Ocean Service has rented office space on Jens Munksvej 1 in Hirtshals.
Alfa Laval and AAU sign agreement
09-07-2015 12:00
Alfa Laval Aalborg A/S and Aalborg University have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which means a comprehensive framework for cooperation between the university and Alfa Laval will be created. This will involve increasing the resolution rate and intensity of activities between the parties
Two well-known Skagen shipyards merge
08-07-2015 12:00
The Boards of Karstensens Shipyard and Danish Yachts A/S have jointly issued a notice that the two yards, both housed in Skagen will be merging. It is the owners of the family-owned Danish Yachts, who wanted the merger to ensure the future of the yard.
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