Moljslinjens new ferry is almost ready
Moljslinjens new ferry is almost ready
02-11-2018 12:00
The Australian ship building company Austal has launched the 109-meter high-speed express Express 4 build for the Danish ferry service company Molslinjen. The ship is currently getting its last preparations ready before being tested at sea prior to being delivered as part of the acceptance and transfer process.

Tuco receives order for Multi-Mission boats
15-10-2018 12:00
Tuco Marine Group has signed a contract with Hovedstadens Beredskab I/S (The Capitols Emergency Agency Partnership) regarding 15-meter long ProZero Multi-Mission emergency boats. The boat is designed to quickly and effectively transport emergency staff and the newest equipment to places of emergency in Copenhagen as well as on nearby islands.

Coats Guard Ships to be built in Norway
26-06-2018 16:00
The Norwegian Armed forces has decided to order three new Coast Guard vessels of the Nordkapp class from Vard Langsten. The order has a total value of 5,2 billion Norwegian kroner. Only Norwegian shipyards had access to gibe their offer on the order.
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Maersk Tankers orders six new ships
02-05-2018 15:00
Maersk Tankers informs that the company has ordered six new LR2 product tankers from Dalian Shipyard, for a ”competitive price”. The plan is that the ships will be delivered over the course of two years, with the first delivery set for sometime in 2020, the company informs. The company has option on four additional ships.
Nuclear power station passing Denmark
30-04-2018 15:00
The transportation of the Russian floating nuclear power station, Akademik Lomonosov, began on Saturday i Saint Petersburg, as it departed from Baltisky Ship Yard. The route will follow the Baltic Sea, the Danish waters and then along the Norwegian coast to Murmansk. The floating station will be under surveillance, but will not be escorted by any vessels.
 Ørsted signs contract for new SOV
17-04-2018 14:00
Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) new service operation vessel (SOV) will service Ørsted’s Hornsea Project Two wind farm, once the vessel is delivered in 2021. The vessel will be designed by Salt Ship Design and built at Cemre Shipyard in Turkey.

 Ørsteds Race Bank SOV begins trials
21-02-2018 14:00
Edda Passat, the first Service Operations Vessel (SOV) built in Spain, has begun its sailing tests. The ship departed from Ria del Eo in mid-February and is currently located in the port of Gijón, where it is to begin its two-week sailing test program before heading to Ørsted's Race Bank offshore wind farm in Great Britain.

Maersk Supply wins ship award once again
08-02-2018 14:55
Maersk Master won the "Vessel of the Year" award at the annual Offshore Support Journal Conference in London. This the second year in a row Maersk Supply Service wins this award for one of the company's newly build vessels. Last year the cable-laying vessel Maersk Connector won the award.
Worlds first hydrogen-ferry to operate in 21
02-02-2018 10:10
The Norwegian government has plans of making Norway the world's first country in possession of a hydrogen-powered ferry. The two companies, Boreal Sjø and Wärtsilä Ship Design, have entered into a joint venture to create the ferry, which scheduled to be ready by 2021.
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Electric container barges replace trucks
26-01-2018 14:35
The world's first electrically driven, emission-free and potentially autonomously container barges will be deployed in the ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam this summer. From these ports they will move containers to their destinations by the waterways, replacing trucks as transportation devices.
Esvagt keeps Nobelwind and Belwind running
11-12-2017 09:00
Esvagt’s latest newbuilding, Esvagt Mercator, was named on the 1st of December 2017 in Oostende, Belgium by godmother Stine Würtz Jepsen. Esvagt Mercator has recently indicated a 10-year contract as Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for more then 100 wind turbines in Belgian waters.
 Campaign for green ferry service
07-11-2017 15:00
A number of Danish ferry companies are working to ensure greener ferry service. This is important as Danish ferries annually transport over 32 million passengers. The ferry companies are now launching a campaign on social media about the greener ferry service under the slogan 'Sail with us'.

 Norwegians purchase from Søby Shipyard
13-09-2017 13:00
Søby Shipyard at Ærø has signed a contract for the delivery of three stern trawlers for Norway. Thus, the yard can look forward to a period of record-breaking order books that will ensure employment growth, the yard declares.

Esvagt orders new SOV at Havyard
25-08-2017 12:00
Havyard Group has confirmed that a contract has been signed on the fifth Service Operation Vessel (SOV) commissioned by Esvagt, which will be chartered by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind for a period of 15 years to service the Deutsche Bucht wind farm (DeBu) in Germany.
Media: Danpilot orders 15 new pilot boats
31-07-2017 14:00
Danpilot has signed a contract for the supply of up to 15 new sea-going pilot boats with Baltic Workboats, Søfart writes. According to the contract, the yard is obliged to supply 11 vessels, while Danpilot has an option for four more pilot boats.
New special ship ready for Kriegers Flak
30-06-2017 12:00
Jan De Nul Group has taken delivery of the Universal Vehicle Adhémar de Saint-Venant, which will start working on the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm next week. The vessel will install two gravity-based foundations for offshore substations in the 600 MW offshore wind farm.
Odense Harbor has violated harbor law
23-05-2017 15:00
In a decision, the Traffic Authority has agreed with Blue Water Shipping in the fact that Odense Harbor through the subsidiary Lindø Industrial Park has violated the harbor law in several places. Thus, Blue Water Shipping has been exposed to illegal competition from a municipally owned company.
 Molslinjen's Express 4 is put into production
24-04-2017 14:00
While Molslinjens's newest express ferry, Express 3, is on its way from Tasmania to Denmark and has passed north of New Zealand, heading towards Papeete, Tahiti, the next new ferry, Express 4, is already taking shape in Australia.

 Flensburg Shipyard receives ferry order
25-12-2016 10:00
FSG shipyard in Flensburg will build a new LNG powered ro-pax ferry to the French shipping company Brittany Ferries. The ferry to be delivered in 2019, will be deployed on the route between Caen in France and Portsmouth in Britain.

New offshore windship presented in Esbjerg
02-12-2016 10:00
Siemens Wind Power has introduces its new vessel for the transport of windmill parts in the Port of Esbjerg. The 141 meter long vessel Rotra Wait, is expected to be a frequent visitor in the Port of Esbjerg, which is the base port for multiple offshore wind farm projects in the North Sea, where Siemens Wind Power has an assembly plant.
Vision of The Fjords is Ship of the Year 2016
08-09-2016 08:00
The renowned Norwegian maritime magazine - Skipsrevyen - has recently named Ship of the Year 2016 at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg. The title went to the innovative Norwegian hybrid ferry, Vision of The Fjords, which Maritime Denmark's readers already know about through articles in our magazines.
Terntank receives new LNG tanker
12-07-2016 12:00
Terntank which is operated from Skagen, took delivery of M/T Ternsund, the first of the company's four new LNG-powered tankers on 27 June. At the same time the new vessel received the Danish flag. The naming took place in late March at the Chinese shipyard Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
KEH designs Australian icebreaker
05-05-2016 12:00
Knud E. Hansen is responsible for designing a new icebreaker to be delivered to the Australian Government in 2020. The last signature was scribbled on the contract the other day. The design has been a major task that has been several years in the making, says Finn Wollesen, CEO of Knud E. Hansen to Maritime Denmark.
 Terntank names LNG-fueled tankers
28-03-2016 12:00
Terntank Rederi which is operated from Skagen, has named two of the company's four new LNG-powered tankers. The naming took place over the weekend at the Chinese shipyard Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding.

 M.H. Simonsen expands with two ships
23-03-2016 12:00
Two tankers named Silver Kenna and Silver Freya now switches to the Danish flag and are based in Svendborg. The shipping company M. H. Simonsen must ensure cargo and crew for the two tankers. During Easter, the two ships will be docked at Petersen & Sørensen Engineworkshop in Svendborg.

Esvagt and MHI Vestas agree on contract
08-12-2015 12:00
Esvagt has signed a 10-year contract with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind Offshore Wind Service on the 165 MW Nobel Wind project off the Belgian coast. ESVAGT must build a new vessel to support Vestas Offshore Winds technicians
Svitzer takes delivery of tugboats
05-12-2015 12:00
Svitzer has taken delivery of two tug boats from Damen Shipyards Group. The two tugboats are of the Damen ASD Tugs 3212 type and were built by Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam and arrived in Rotterdam at the end of October, when the heavy lift ship Happy Star delivered all 22 ships at once
Danish design behind Australian icebreaker
30-10-2015 12:00
The Australian government has provided project pictures and description of Australia's new icebreaker. It shows a modern, sophisticated ship that will offer scientists unprecedented and expanded access to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. The vessel was designed by Knud E. Hansen and will be built by Damen in Holland
Danish designed ice-class ferry launched
27-07-2015 12:00
The second of two RoPax ferries for the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador has been named and launched at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania. The 80-meter ice class ferry is named MV Legionnaire. Beneath the text there is a video of the naming and launching at Damen.
 Esvagt names newest ship
21-06-2015 08:00
Esvagt has named the company's latest ERRV vessel (Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel), Esvagt Chastine. The ship is no. 15 in the series of C-type ERRV vessels in ESVAGT fleet, and it was built by ASL Shipyard in Singapore.

 Thrane brothers want to sell luxury yachts
11-06-2015 08:00
Knud E. Hansen has designed two environmentally friendly luxury yachts for Lars Thrane and Per Blinkenberg-Thrane. The two brothers have realized that there is a market for this kind of luxury yachts, and therefore they have plans to start selling these types of ships. So far they have established Poseidon Shipbuilding, which owns all rights to the design.

ESVAGT's first wind turbine ship in Esbjerg
16-02-2015 08:00
ESVAGT's first special vessel of the SOV-type for the servicing of wind farms can now be seen in Esbjerg. The special vessel Esvagt Froude will be at the home port of Esbjerg until Wednesday, before the ship is handed over to Siemens Wind Power, where it is immediately deployed.
First electric powered ferry to Ærø in 2017
07-01-2015 12:00
The abolition of electricity tax for ships over 500 gross tons have made electric powered ferries profitable. A new project will add four electric ferries to Ærø instead of the three regular ferries sailing there today. The first electric ferry is expected to be operational in 2017, and the rest by 2021. Ærø will save 50 percent in energy for ferry operations.
DONG acquires new crew vessel
27-11-2014 10:00
A new service vessel, is to help DONG Energy reduce the cost of energy from Borkum Riffgrund 1 offshore wind farm in Germany. From 1 March 2015, the company has chartered a new vessel for crew transport at Borkum Riffgrund 1.
The ultimate reefer ro/ro design
24-11-2014 16:00
Knud E. Hansen has finalized a new reefer ro/ro ship design where the ship will enter the global trade in bananas as a reefership. The design is developed for the rapid and efficient cargo handling in port, making slow steaming possible.
 MAN Diesel & Turbo receive Chinese order
18-11-2014 12:00
MAN Diesel & Turbo will supply four 9L48/60CR engines for the propulsion system of two passenger ferries to the Chinese shipping companies, Huadong Ferry and Dadong Ferry. The two ferries are being built at Huanghai Shipyard in Shangdong, China.

 Evergas build two new ethane-tankers
05-11-2014 14:00
The Danish shipping company Evergas, which specializes in transporting liquefied natural gas and petrochemical gases, increase the newbuilding program with two ethane-tankers, sothe newbuilding program now consists of eight ships. The expansion is due to the fact that Evergas has entered an agreement with INEOS, which is one of the world's largest chemical companies.

Maersk Drilling names deepwater drillship
28-09-2014 12:00
Maersk Drilling's fourth drillship designed for deep water was named on Thursday at a ceremony at the shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in Korea. The drilling vessel has been named "Maersk Voyager". The four drill ships were ordered in 2011 and represents a total investment of 2.6 billion dollars.
Wind turbine vessel from Tuco
23-09-2014 14:00
The newest vessel in Tuco Marine Group's series of fast workboats, ProZero series, is a 13 meter long boat that will be used to service offshore wind farms. The design is targeting the work function of service and to transport people out to the wind farms.
Electric ferry on the way to Stockholm
08-09-2014 08:00
The electric ferry Sjövägen, built in Faaborg Shipyard, has now started its journey towards Stockholm where it will sail for the company Ballerina AB. Faaborg Shipyard expects similar tasks in the future.
Danish despatched soldiers comemorated
04-09-2014 16:00
On September 5th, it is the official Flag Day for the Danish despatchers. On Flag Day they are recognized for their efforts and sacrifices they have made for Denmark. This is the sixth time Flag Day is being held.
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