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Danish helicopter on dangerous mission
Danish helicopter on dangerous mission
01-04-2017 10:00
Last week, a rescue helicopter of the type EH101 Merlin from Skrydstrup, conducted a complicated and dangerous rescue operation in the North Sea as the helicopter evacuated a wounded young Dutchman from the Norwegian school ship Christian Radich in heavy seas.

Danish support is extended by one week
06-03-2017 12:28
The frigate Peter Willemoes has in the past week participated in the defense and escort of the US aircraft carrier George Bush, whose main task is to support Operation Inherently Resolve. The deployment into the aircraft carrier group is extended by about a week at the request of the US administration.
Willemoes is ready for war. Now with video
09-02-2017 12:00
The Danish frigate Peter Willemoes is now ready to go to war against ISIL, after a parliamentary decision. It will hapen today when the frigate joins the US aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean fighting the terror movement.
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Inspection vessels solve important task
07-01-2017 10:00
The Danish inspection vessel's main task is the assertion of sovereignty, ie ensure that the commonwealth's maritime borders will not be violated by foreign powers. Denmark usually has three vessels in Greenland - two patrol vessels and an inspection ship, all subject to the Arctic Command in Nuuk,
Absalon managed hectic voyage nicely
23-11-2016 12:00
It has been a hectic autumn for the support ship Absalon. It participated in escorting the chemical material that has been removed from Libya. Five commanders in the Army visited the ship before it sailed for Denmark.
 Danish frigates lack weapons
19-09-2016 08:00
The Danish frigates lack weapons to defend themselves. The frigates will soon be equipped with new radar for missile defense, and thus they may become targets for Russian missiles, warns Russia's ambassador in Denmark, Mikhail Vanin. But they will not be equipped with the associated weapons.

 MAN Diesel & Turbo supports Mercy Ships
14-09-2016 12:00
MAN Diesel & Turbo has expanded its partnership with Mercy Ships, a NGO provider of charitable healthcare. MAN PrimeServ, will provide spare parts for the MAN installations aboard the hospital vessel MV Africa Mercy to an annual value of EUR 250,000.

MV Benita has sunk on its way to India
01-08-2016 12:00
The bulk carrier MV Benita, which ran aground at Mauritius on June 17 after a brawl broke out in the engine room, was being dragged from Mauritius to Alang in India to be scrapped. However, the ship sunk 93,5 nautical miles from Mauritius in 4,400 meter water depth.
Sailors remembered with 25 cannon shots
30-05-2016 12:00
After 100 years, the cannon from the cruiser Rostock, which sank during the Battle of Jutland, has been retrieved and put in order. Now it is used as a salute cannon when the 100th anniversary of the battle is marked in Thyborøn, and a memorial park for the 8,645 victims is inaugurated.
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Special Transportation through Storebælt
18-03-2016 12:00
Yesterday morning, the special vessel Happy Diamond from the Dutch shipping company Biglift was photographed as it passed through Storebælt. The company, headquartered in Amsterdam has a fleet of 15 special and heavy lift vessels.
Last B & W new construction sold for scrap
29-02-2016 12:00
The very last ship that was constructed on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen, Ever Mighty, has sailed its last voyage. The voyage went from Haldia in India to Chittagong in Bangladesh, where the ship is now being made into recycled materials.
 Chinese warships visit Copenhagen
20-09-2015 08:00
Three ships of the Chinese navy have caused great attention in Copenhagen over the weekend, where they have visited the North Harbour. There was an open day on board the Chinese ships for employees of the Danish armed forces and their families on Saturday.

 The royal ship has begun expedition
12-07-2015 12:00
The royal couple will visit Greenland abord the royal ship in the period from July 8-22, 2015. The program includes visits to North and West Greenland. H.M. The queen began the expedition in northern Greenland with a visit to Ittoqqortoormiit, Station Nord and Thule Air Base as well as visits to settlements in Savissivik.

Holiday back in Aalborg after 30 years
06-07-2015 12:00
Many former employees at Aalborg Shipyard will probably stop by the harbor in Aalborg on July 16, when the cruise ship Magellan berths for a single day. Magellan is identical to the super-cruise ship Holiday, which was delivered from the closed Aalborg Shipyard.
Drones can be heading to the Navy
12-06-2015 08:00
Drones will be able to help the Navy with spotting people in need of help and to send emergency help in advance in the future. The commander of the vessel Thetis took part in a debate at the People's Meeting on the drone technology
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The Blue Denmark on Folkemødet
10-06-2015 08:00
Christopher Arzrouni, Børsens debate editor, focuses on the Blue Denmark's present and future. The debate "Can the Blue Denmark deliver growth?" will be held on Friday 12 June at 11:45 to 12:45 in Strandvejens Meeting Tent - Danchells Facility (A44) on Folkemødet in Allinge, Bornholm.
New Chairman of MHI Vestas
24-04-2015 12:00
MHI Vestas has gotten a new chairman. Masafumi Wani resigns after retiring as head of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Europe. He will hand the reins to Atsushi Maekawa. At the same time Hiromichi Morimoto is replaced by Yoshiyuki Hanasawa in the board.
 The Royal Yacht out of hibernation
15-04-2015 08:00
The Dannebrog has left its hibernation in Frederikshavn, where the ship has gone through the usual maintenance before the beautiful yacht is ready to be shown off during the royal couple's visit around Denmark during the summer.

 Tyrannical billionaire not shipping magnate
04-04-2015 08:00
It has long been a widespread belief that the creators of the American cartoon The Simpsons have caricatured the series' most unsympathetic figure - the tyrannical billionaire C. Montgomery Burns – on the Norwegian shipping magnate Fred Olsen.

New Director of the Maritime Museum
26-02-2015 08:00
The current Director of M/S Maritime Museum in Elsinore, Camilla Mordhorst, has been appointed deputy director of the National Museum and will therefore stop as Director of M/S Maritime Museum this summer. The museum's board has begun a recruitment process to find a new director to expand the position which the new maritime museum has received.
Sailing cafe in the waters of Fyn
22-02-2015 08:00
The concept of a café connects is often connected with Copenhagen-smart designer decor, cafe latte and newspapers on long sticks. In stark contrast to this is "The archipelago's smallest Café". It always sails – and this is how it should be.
The Stige ferry will be closed down
18-12-2014 16:00
On Friday, the Stig ferry which is Denmark's smallest ferry route will be sailing its last ordinary trip across the Odense Canal. The funds needed to replace the old ferries with new electric-powered ferries have not been acquired, thus ending 207 years of ferry services on the stretch.
Esbern Snare comes home on Friday
17-12-2014 16:00
After having been deployed to international missions since September 2013, the Danish warship Esbern Snare is finally returning to Denmark this Friday. The ship joined the hunt for Somali pirates on December 7 and is now on its way home to Frederikshavn.
 Denmark claims the North Pole
15-12-2014 14:00
The Danish Government, together with the Government of Greenland ,filed claims on the continental shelf north of Greenland to the UN Plinth Commission - a 895,541-square-kilometer sea area which implies the North Pole.

 Danish boat in the Volvo Race hit reef
01-12-2014 10:00
The first Danish boat in the world's toughest ocean race ever - Team Vestas Wind - has been discontinued after the boat hit a reef in Mauritius on Saturday afternoon. All crew members were rescued.

Esbern Snare inspected in foreign port
20-11-2014 10:00
The Danish warship Esbern Snare has been busy for more than a year since the ship first participated in the NATO antipiracy-operation off the Horn of Africa and in January this year participated in the task of getting chemical weapons transported out of Syria, the Danish led operation RECSYR. The ship is expected to be back in Denmark just before Christmas, so it was necessary to carry out a major overhaul and repair in a foreign port
Danish ship crew receives medal of bravery
19-11-2014 10:00
The crew from DFDS Seaways ship Britannia has received this year's "Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea", awarded by the IMO once a year for special heroism at sea. The crew was recognized for their efforts during a ship fire in November 2013.
Denmark increases humanitarian aid
17-11-2014 12:00
Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen allocates DKK 60 million for relief efforts in and around Somalia, which has been hit by a food crisis. That brings the total Danish humanitarian contributions for 2014 up to DKK 133 million.
DMD participate in Culture Night
29-09-2014 14:00
Danish Maritime Days docks at Amalie Haven's Wharf during the Culture Night in Copenhagen on 10 October. Here you can get on Denmark's oldest training ship Georg Stage, and you can go on an adventurous journey toward the ocean floor.
 Danes teaching maritime rescuing in Africa
29-09-2014 08:00
Two SAR specialists from the Marine Guard is in the Comoros with a Nordic team of instructors led by the Navy. They teach 18 officers from eight East African countries in search and rescue at sea.
In the city of Moroni - the capital of the Comoros in the Indian Ocean - the captain lieutenants John Strøbæk and Anders Moller from the Marine Guard are just now starting to teach African students in search and rescue at sea.

 Dana Anglia return to Esbjerg
24-09-2014 16:00
The former England Ferry, Dana Anglia, which in recent years has sailed in the Mediterranean, will again get Esbjerg as base port when it in the future will serve as a floating hotel for Swedish offshore employees. On Tuesday afternoon, the ferry docked in Esbjerg for the first time in 12 years.

Esbern Snare has been deployed for a year
24-09-2014 14:00
On September 21, 2013 Esbern Snare departed to be deployed for five months in NATO's anti-piracy operation off Somalia. Esbern Snare was scheduled to be returned to Denmark in late January 2014 to be in Denmark for six months before being deployed again in June this year.
Tall.. Taller.. Tallest
16-09-2014 14:00
The training Ship Denmark is in many ways a ship that impresses no matter which port it visits. Partly because of the great rig that towers 39 meter and 60 centimeters up in the air.
Special transport through Fredericia
10-09-2014 08:00
On September 4th and 5th, a 38 meter long tube and a 21 meter long container successfully snuck its way through Fredericias narrow streets.
Wooden ships have begun the race
09-09-2014 16:00
On Tuesday, 60 ships went out on the first stage of the Limfjorden Rundt. Many ship interested people already gathered on Monday in Løgstør to see the many old wooden ships meet, before the race started at 8:30 this morning in Løgstør.
 Islanders on Birkholm get free shipping
02-09-2014 12:00
Residents on the island Birkholm, which is under the Ærø Municipality, will now have free shipping on the route between Marstal and Birkholm. Ærø has chosen to use some of the funds from the state for the free shipping.

 Ejnar Mikkelsen assists Sirius
01-09-2014 14:00
Since Juli this year, the inspection vessel Ejnar Mikkelsen has patrolled the National park North of Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund), North East of Greenland. The last three weeks Ejnar Mikkelsen has helped Sirius, by deploying depots along the shore.

Danish ships met in the Gulf of Aden
22-08-2014 14:00
The Danish support ship Esbern Snare, which is currently on anti-piracy patrol in the traffic corridor in the Gulf of Aden, met the Danish container ship Maersk McKinney Møller which is en route to the East on Friday
Many experienced Tall Ships Races
07-08-2014 12:00
A record amount of guests stopped by the Port of Esbjerg this weekend to experience the Tall Ships Races 2014. The goal was to break the record in 2001, when half a million visitors saw the Tall Ships Races in Esbjerg. The day before the finish was completed, the record was broken, and a total of 545,000 visitors came to the port of Esbjerg during Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Great parade of ships at Esbjerg
07-08-2014 10:00
On Tuesday afternoon, the 50 large sailing ships that took part in The Tall Ships Races 2014 from the Port of Esbjerg were anchored throughout Grådyb and are now scattered to the winds.
Cargo ship sails to Copenhagen
04-08-2014 16:00
The 32 meter long sailing ship "Tres Hombres" docked at Copenhagen yesterday. The special feature of the sailing ship is that it acts as the world's only cargo ship without an engine. With it is a cargo consisting of French wine, thus being delivered to Copenhagen utterly without any CO2 emissions.
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