Norden celebrates 150-year anniversary
Norden celebrates 150-year anniversary
13-02-2021 12:00
On February 11, Norden celebrated its 150th anniversary. It has been through several transformations in response to the changing world of global trade. From a small Danish steamship owner, to a leading global player in the dry cargo and product tanker markets.

Danish frigate joins EMASOH
31-08-2020 12:00
The Danish frigate HDMS Iver Huitfeldt arrived at the French naval base in Abu Dhabi to join the European led Maritime Awareness mission in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASOH). The ship and its commander were welcomed by both the operation and force commanders of EMASOH-Agenor.
Cascades of water honour captain
28-03-2019 12:00
A water show from a tugboat welcomed the respected DFDS Captain William Simonsen as he sails Freesia Seaways into Terneuzen on his last voyage.
Some Maersk ships are now power stations
27-02-2019 10:00
Two former Maersk Supply Service ships, Maersk Forwarder and Maersk Finder, have been re-build into floating power stations at Sedef Shipyard in Tuzlat. The ships are now named Nezih Bey (which you can see in the video benaeath) and Koray Bey
Collided ferries both have Danish past
25-02-2019 12:00
The two Italian flagged ferries that were involved in the collision in the Port of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples this weekend both have a Danish past. They have both sailed short routes over Øresund from the Danish cities Copenhagen, Dragør, and Kastrup, and from Limhamn and Malmø in Sweden.
 Danish rowers cross the Atlantic Ocean
31-01-2019 10:00
Danish rowers Lasse Wulff Hansen og Mads Vangsø were the first to cross the finish line on Tuesday, after rowing 5,000 kilometers over the Atlantic Ocean over the last 50 days. They started the journey on December 12 in the Canary Islands, and for most of the trip, the two rowers took turns to row for a period of 2 hours.

 Good chances of beach auctions this year
30-01-2019 10:00
Over the last 10 to 12 years, little to no wood has been found on the Danish coasts, and because of this there has not been any reason to have any beach auctions. But that will change this year

Danmark leads mine sweeping task
23-01-2019 12:00
For the entirety of 2019, one of the Danish Defenses’ inspection ships will be in charge of NATO's task of removing old naval mines in the Baltic Sea and the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The reason for the task is to keep the shipping lanes free of dangerous mines.
When men have had enough of each other
08-01-2019 12:00
On January 17 the M/S Museum opens the doors for the maritime exhibition ”When men have had enough of each other, onboard the Denmark expedition 1906-08”. At the exhibition, visitors will get the chance to gain insight to the expedition members through personal diaries and photographs.
22.000 protect the ocean
17-10-2018 10:00
The Danish Defense’s marine guardians celebrates their 12 year anniversary with record breaking numbers of 2.575 new guardians, as well as a positive reception of the concept ”ocean fall”. Since 2006 the number of oil spills in Danish waters have been halved. This positive development is partly due to the marine guardians efforts.
Ørsted and WWF partners for climate cause
28-08-2018 10:00
A new partnership between Ørsted, who focuses offshore wind power, and the environmental organization Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF) will focus on fighting the consequences of climate change. It is their goal to engage especially children and young adults in how to create the futures green Denmark.
 Old Danish ships attend TallShips Races
10-08-2018 12:00
The Danish maritime history was prominently represented when the TallShips Races 2018 stopped by Esbjerg last month. A lot of the elder guests recognized a number of the ships and were able to tell their families and grandchildren the stories of back then when they were young and took off on the small freighter ships.

 The Naval Home Guard touch down
04-06-2018 12:00
330 members of the Danish Naval Home Guard and 10 of the Home Guard’s vessels visited the municipality of Struer this weekend, in order to practice some larger drills, which includes acting as support for the Danish Maritime Authorities units. This drill is one of the largest of its kind ever to happen in Denmark.

Brand new members fire christened at sea
30-05-2018 12:00
A practicing night at sea with a team of training attendees at the Marine Home Guard in Kalundborg took a steady turn when the reality knocked on the door and the crew had to do a real task for the Danish Defense
Naval Academy moves to new residency
18-04-2018 09:00
79 years of residency in Nyholmen ended this Friday for the Royal Danish Naval Academy with a large array of old cadets and a ceremony of taking down the flag. Exactly at 12:00 on Friday, April 13, the flag was taken down at the Academy in Nyholmen.
Blasting a concrete silo goes wrong
09-04-2018 16:00
The blasting of a concrete silo at Vordingborg Port did not go as planned.The 53 meter tall silo fell the wrong direction and collapsed on the local library. The incident took place on Friday, but the manager in charge of the operation could today still not explain what had went wrong.
Danish paddle boarder sets new world record
19-03-2018 14:00
Around eight o’clock Sunday evening, it became an actuality. 24-year-old Casper Steinfath has, as the first person in the world, paddled the 138-kilometer stretch across Skagerak from Hirtshals to Skagerrak standing on 4,25 meter long SUP-board the entire trip.
 Yet another Danish Coaster has been sold
02-03-2018 12:00
The shipping company Venus Shipping headquartered in Vestbjerg in Vendsyssel has sold the last vessel in the fleet of Danish flagged vessels, and for the first time since 1937 the company owns no Danish flagged vessels. The sale of the coaster Dan Fighter comes after the vessel has had 14 years under a Danish flag and an acknowledgement that the ship is too small for traditional shipping operations. Instead, the shipping company Venus continues to invest in larger tonnage under foreign flags.

 Maersk wins the battle of the light blue star
01-02-2018 11:00
Companies are not allowed to use a logo that resembles the famous light blue star, which is the logo of Maersk. This was decided by the High Court of Eastern Denmark on Wednesday in a case where a company used a logo that could be confused with the light blue Maersk star.

Dead victims from Sanchi identified
30-01-2018 08:30
China has identified the three corpses that were found onboard the NITC suemax Sanchi. All of the 32 crew members onboard lost their lives, when the oil tanker burned after a collision on the coast of Shanghai on the January 6.
Peter Madsen’s submarine close to collisions
24-01-2018 14:00
More frightening details in the case of the murder of Kim Wall, which the prosecutors believe were carefully planned, are revealed. Besides homicide charges, Peter Madsen face for two serious violations of sea security laws, as his submarine almost collided with a cargo vessel and a cruise ship during the incident.
Submarine crew died in a split second
17-01-2018 09:00
The 44 crew members aboard the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan died in a split second, when the submarine imploded. "They neither suffer nor drown, as their death was immediate," says the report on the submarine disaster from the US Navy.
Cruiseship passengers sleeps in Copenhagen
15-01-2018 09:30
Every now and then, cruise ship passengers are accused of neglecting Copenhagen and only spending a couple of hours gathering around the Little Mermaid Statue once they reach the city. But in reality this is far from true.
 Law firm dropped by investors in OW Bunker
24-11-2017 13:00
The law firm Bruun&Hjejle has been dropped by large investors in the case against OW Bunker. This is due to the fact that the law firm has been convicted of a fine for incompetence in the case because the firm previously performed tasks for the now-deputy head of OW Bunker, Jim Pedersen, Børsen writes.

 Chinese navy visit in Copenhagen
26-09-2017 13:00
On September 25-29, there is a Chinese navy visit in Copenhagen. The fleet strength consists of two frigates and a supply vessel. The visit follows a similar visit in 2015, where the fleets collaborated on the removal of chemical weapons from Syria, Operation RECSYR, and anti-pirate operations at the Horn of Africa.

How do you move an iceberg?
22-09-2017 16:00
The question is becoming increasingly demanding as the oil and gas exploration activity north of Russia increases. It has caused the Russian oil company Rosneft to sponsor a group of scientists a 40-day expedition, investigating ways to move icebergs.
The Blue Denmark's wealthiest anno 2017
15-09-2017 16:00
The Maersk family sits at the top of the Blue Denmark and has added a few billion kroner to the fortune due to the higher stock price, which is enough for a 7th place in Berlingske's annual Top 100 over the richest in Denmark. New to the list is Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg.
Huge party at Lindø
14-09-2017 16:00
About 100 guests related to the building and Lindø were involved in the tour of six new halls today. The buildings are established in connection with an existing building, some of which are demolished to accommodate almost 2,500 square meters of new modern halls.
Peter Madsen: Hatch killed Kim Wall
05-09-2017 16:00
The case of Kim Wall, who died on board Peter Madsen's submarine, is commencing in the city court in Copenhagen. Peter Madsen's explanation from the constitutional hearing has been read up. The prosecutor enquires about Peter Madsen's sexual orientation.
 No hidden compartments in submarine
30-08-2017 12:00
As part the investigation of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall's death, the police have scanned Peter Madsen's submarine for possible secret compartments. However, according to TV 2, the police found none. Police reported the scan on Tuesday.

 Police: Found torso is the body of Kim Wall
23-08-2017 12:00
In a tweet at 6.55, the Danish police announced that there is a DNA match between the torso found on Vestamager Monday and the Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The police holds a press conference at 9.00, where the chief will tell more about the matter.

Bell chimes at Aarhus School of Engineering
12-06-2017 14:00
Once again, the time for clock chiming at Aarhus School of Engineering has come. Today, Monday, June 12 at 09.00, the summer's first graduate could ring the ship's bell and celebrate his title as engineer. A tradition that has taken place every year since the 1960s.
Two die in accident in Copenhagen Harbor
08-05-2017 15:00
Two people have died after one or more jet skis crashed into a small boat on the water at high speed at Langebro in Copenhagen Harbor yesterday. According to the Copenhagen Police, the accident happened around 19.43. Immediately after the accident, several jet skis sailed away from the spot at high speed.
Danish helicopter on dangerous mission
01-04-2017 10:00
Last week, a rescue helicopter of the type EH101 Merlin from Skrydstrup, conducted a complicated and dangerous rescue operation in the North Sea as the helicopter evacuated a wounded young Dutchman from the Norwegian school ship Christian Radich in heavy seas.
Danish support is extended by one week
06-03-2017 12:28
The frigate Peter Willemoes has in the past week participated in the defense and escort of the US aircraft carrier George Bush, whose main task is to support Operation Inherently Resolve. The deployment into the aircraft carrier group is extended by about a week at the request of the US administration.
 Willemoes is ready for war. Now with video
09-02-2017 12:00
The Danish frigate Peter Willemoes is now ready to go to war against ISIL, after a parliamentary decision. It will hapen today when the frigate joins the US aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean fighting the terror movement.

 Inspection vessels solve important task
07-01-2017 10:00
The Danish inspection vessel's main task is the assertion of sovereignty, ie ensure that the commonwealth's maritime borders will not be violated by foreign powers. Denmark usually has three vessels in Greenland - two patrol vessels and an inspection ship, all subject to the Arctic Command in Nuuk,

Absalon managed hectic voyage nicely
23-11-2016 12:00
It has been a hectic autumn for the support ship Absalon. It participated in escorting the chemical material that has been removed from Libya. Five commanders in the Army visited the ship before it sailed for Denmark.
Danish frigates lack weapons
19-09-2016 08:00
The Danish frigates lack weapons to defend themselves. The frigates will soon be equipped with new radar for missile defense, and thus they may become targets for Russian missiles, warns Russia's ambassador in Denmark, Mikhail Vanin. But they will not be equipped with the associated weapons.
MAN Diesel & Turbo supports Mercy Ships
14-09-2016 12:00
MAN Diesel & Turbo has expanded its partnership with Mercy Ships, a NGO provider of charitable healthcare. MAN PrimeServ, will provide spare parts for the MAN installations aboard the hospital vessel MV Africa Mercy to an annual value of EUR 250,000.
MV Benita has sunk on its way to India
01-08-2016 12:00
The bulk carrier MV Benita, which ran aground at Mauritius on June 17 after a brawl broke out in the engine room, was being dragged from Mauritius to Alang in India to be scrapped. However, the ship sunk 93,5 nautical miles from Mauritius in 4,400 meter water depth.