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Express 1 close to dangerous collision
Express 1 close to dangerous collision
21-09-2018 10:00
On Tuesday, the Danish ferry service company Bornholmerlinjen’s express ferry Express 1 collided crashed into a large quay fender next to the old lighthouse in the port of Rønne. The accident happened as the ferry was arriving in Rønne at 13.40 o’clock. The ferry was dangerously close to hitting another of the large red quay fender near the ports large oil tank.

Storm results in cancelled departures
21-09-2018 12:00
The upcoming storm Knud, which will be worst Northern Jutland, Skagerrak and the Northern part of Kattegat with a gust of hurricane strenght, has resulted in several cancelled departures. The storm will hit around 15.00 o’clock, and has caused shipping companies Stena Line and Color Line to cancel several departures this afternoon and night.
Association criticises Maersk sulphur charge
20-09-2018 12:00
The trade asassociation, British International Freight Association (BIFA), criticises Maersk Lines plans to cover the additional costs of low sulphur fuel by implementing a special charge. The charge, bunker adjustment factor (BAF) will be introduced in January 2019, one year before IMO’s new sulphur regulations are set in motion.
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Venta Maersk writes history
20-09-2018 10:00
Maersks ice-class vessel Venta Maersk has sailed through the Northeast Passage for the first time. Venta Maersk of 3.600 TEU is the world’s first commercial container vessel to sail the route, as the passage has predominantly been reserved for tanker vessels, bulk carriers, and passenger ships.
Maersk merges Maersk Line and Damco
19-09-2018 12:00
As expected, A.P. Møller – Mærsk has decided to merge container-shipping company Maersik Line with logistics company Damco. The merger will be effective from January 1, 2019. COO of Maersk, Vincent Clerc will be leading the new unit.
 International standards are necessary
19-09-2018 10:00
The Danish shipping industry depends on international standards is it is going to ensure better climate and still conserve its ability to compete. This was the message from the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial affairs and others when 100 international experts met at Danish shipping organization Danske Rederier this Tuesday.

 CEO Jens Holger Nielsen leaves Samskip
18-09-2018 10:00
Jens Holger Nielsen helped Samskip become one of the most important pan-European shipping-and logistics companies, who offer multimodal transport and related services on land, sea, railroad and in the air through a network of more than 70 European offices. It has not been made official who will take over his position.

Unifeeder expands in Great Britain
17-09-2018 12:00
Unifeeder increases capacity and coverage of Great Britain. In order to live up to the increased market demands, Unifeeder is adding a larger vessel to the shipping company's direct service to Great Britain from the Baltic Sea. The upgrade will be official from September 24
Maersk Line changes to BAF
17-09-2018 10:00
Maersk wants to change the fuel adjustment charge before the IMO sulphur 2020 regulations are set in motion. A new Bunker Adjustment factor (BAF) bill will give customers the opportunity to predict, plan and witness how the changes in fuel prices effects the frequency of shipments.
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Christiansø ferry service is on the market
14-09-2018 10:00
The ferry service between Bornholm and Christiansø has been put on the market. The service is offered for a five-year contract from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2024. This has been made official on the Danish Ministry of Defense's website.
Edda Mistral jumps the gun on Hornsea
13-09-2018 10:00
Although Edda Mistral was originally intended for use during the operation phase of Ørsteds Hornsea Project One, the project group saw an opportunity to maximize the use and acceleration of the vessel, so that the SOV can also be used to construct the wind farm of 1,2 GW.
 DFDS invests in environmental compliance
12-09-2018 10:00
DFDS will in 2019 invest DKK 300m to install scrubbers on 12 freight ferries deployed on freight routes in the Mediterranean between Turkey, Italy, Greece and France. The investment will ensure compliance with the new global 2020 sulphur emissions rules.

 Finance act budget for foreign recruitment
31-08-2018 10:00
The Danish government is proposing that their finance act focuses more on strengthening international recruitment, so that Denmark can attract well-educated international work labor and do something about the increasing demand. This also covers the maritime industry.

Danish frigate will support French carrier
29-08-2018 12:00
Next week, Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen will report to France’s president Emmanuel Macron that the government wishes to send a Danish frigate to a French carrier battle group in the spring of 2019 . This action is part of the Danish- French safety political cooperation, which France invited Denmark to participate in.
Some navigators are still missing pay rises
29-08-2018 10:00
On October 2 2017, Danish Metals Maritime Department (now known as Metal Maritime) reported that they had entered a new collective agreement on behalf of all navigators working for companies that fall under the Danish shipping umbrella company Danske Rederier. Now almost 11 months later, many first mates have still not been paid the agreed upon salaries.
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Three fishermen rescued in North Sea
27-08-2018 12:00
Crewmembers on board the cruise ship Pacific Princess saved three fishermen in the North Sea last Saturday. The three men were saved after having spent four hours in a life raft, after their vessel sunk 25 miles outside Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, the United Kingdom. Two people were later found deceased.
Captain confirms hijacking
27-08-2018 10:00
The captain of the Greek tanker Pantelena that went off the grid in West Africa has confirmed that the vessel was hijacked. According to the captain the crew that consisted of 2 Russians and 17 Georgians were held prisoners for nine days off the coast of West Africa before they were released.
 New Bornholm ferry arrives in Køge
24-08-2018 12:00
The newly build ferry Hammerhus, which will sail the routes between Rønne-Køge and Rønne-Sassnitz for the Bornholm Line, arrived in Køge for the first time on the night to Friday, straight from the shipyard in Finland.

 Maersk Honam reparations cost 30 mio USD
24-08-2018 10:00
Maersk Line has decided to repair the container ship Maersk Honam, which was exposed to severe fire damage after a fire broke out back in March of the coast of Oman. Five crewmembers died during the fire. The reparations will cost more than 30 million dollars.

Maersk containership sets new world record
23-08-2018 12:00
Mumbai Maersk just broke the record for highest number of filled containers onboard a single container ship. The container ship departed Tanjung Pelepas Port in Malaysia with 19.038 TEU onboard – which is the new world record.
Maersk ship through Northeast Passage
21-08-2018 12:00
As part of an experiment, Maesk Line is sending one of their container ships from Asia to Europe using through the Northeast Passage. The event will take place in the beginning of September and the ship is expected to arrive in St. Peterborough in the end of September.
Crane on its way to capsized floating jetty
20-08-2018 12:00
The crane Sanne A, which belongs to J.A. Shipping company, is on its way to Hirtshals to raise the port on the capsized floating jetty. Along with the tugboat Stevns Battler, the crane is located at a position outside of Frederikshavn this Monday morning, and is expected to be in Hirtshals around 18.00.
Oldendorff makes sale-and-lease-back deal
15-08-2018 12:00
The German dry bulk shipping company Oldendorff have now become part of the group of shipping companies that strengthen their liquidity by selling their ships in order to lease them back. According to Fairplay, the company has entered a sale-and-lease-back deal with China Development Bank Financial Leasing for 13 ships.
 Svitzer partners with RR and ABP
14-08-2018 12:00
Danish towage company Svitzer has partnered with Rolls-Royce and Associated British Ports to develop new technologies for ports based on digital information and interactive systems.

 New ferry for Thuborøn-Aggerton crossing
13-08-2018 12:00
It is not everyday that a new ferry is placed on the crossing between Thyborøn and Aggertangen. But this is now the case, and it is even for a brand new ferry terminal further south compared to the city of Thyborøn.

Danish ships affected by Iran-sanctions
13-08-2018 10:00
Danish ships will be heavily impacted by the new United States sanctions against Iran that will be in effect from November. A survey done by Vessels Value shows that Danish tankers are amongst the most used for exporting Iranian oil.

Norden revises expectations for 2018
08-08-2018 16:00
Due to a very weak tanker spot market, Norden lowers its expectations for the Adjusted Result for the year to USD 0 to 30 million, down from USD 10 to 50 million. The expected full-year result for the tanker business is revised down to a range of USD -35 to -20 million against previously USD -15 to 5 million.
HH Ferries is successful with trucks
08-08-2018 12:00
Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg route shipped 121.000 trucks across Øresund in the second quarter of 2018, which is a 11 percent increase compared to the same quarter of last year. On the other hand, the number of passenger vehicles fell with three percent.
Denmark extends navy support to Kenya
08-08-2018 10:00
Denmark is no longer part of the counter piracy operations in East Africa seeing as Nato has adjusted their operations in the waters, and we are also not part of EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) program. But that does not mean we do not help in other ways.
 Maersk adjust expectations for 2018 result
07-08-2018 16:53
Based on the outlook for freight rates for the rest of the year and continued high bunker fuel prices, A.P. Møller – Mærsk adjusts its expectation for 2018. The new expectation is an EBITDA in the range of USD 3.5-4.2bn, compared to previous USD 4.0-5.0bn.

 1,1 tonnes of cocaine found on Maersk ship
07-08-2018 12:00
The Colombian navy has seized 1144 packages that each contains 1 kilos of pure cocaine. The packages were found onboard the container ship Cap San Tainaro that is owned by German shipping company Hamburg Süd, which is part of Maersk Line.

Unifeeder sold to DP World for 4,9 bn kr.
07-08-2018 10:00
Danish shipping company Unifeeder has been sold to the port owner company DP World for a sum of 660 million Euros, which is equivalent to 4,9 billion Danish kroner. Unifeeder operates a long list of feeder routes in Europe, while DP World, which is headquartered in Dubai, operates 78 ports on a global scale.
Cargoship pulled free from shoal in Øresund
06-08-2018 12:00
On Sunday afternoon, two tugboats pulled the Dutch cargo ship that went aground free from the ocean ground in the city of Råå south of Helsingborg on the Swedish coast of Øresund. The ship is now in Helsingborg where it is being retained by the Swedish authorities.
Floating power station is filled with uranium
06-08-2018 10:00
The floating Russian nuclear power station, Akademik Lomonosov, which was the topic of conversation back in May, as it was towed from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk via Danish waters, is now being supplied with uranium, used as fuel in the two reactors of the plant.
Makassar Highway has reached Oskarshamn
02-08-2018 12:00
Thursday morning, the damaged car vehicle Makassar Highway is being towed into the port of Oskarhamn, where a large enviromnetal crew awaits the vessel. The towing process was completed without to many difficulties.
 Unifeeder expands in the North Sea
02-08-2018 10:00
From August 15, Unifeeder will expand its list of routes in the North Sea with a direct connection from Antwerp and Dunkerque to Teesport and Grangemouth. The aim of the new route is to create an alternative to the busy traffic surrounding Rotterdamn.

 Caos on ferry car deck preceding engine fail
01-08-2018 12:00
17 cars collided on a ferry car deck when one of the two main engines on Villum Clausen’s suddenly went out, as the express ferry was on a crossing from Ystad to Rønne last tuesday. A single passenger experienced minor injuries.

Vehicle carrier being towed to Oskarhamn
01-08-2018 10:00
The damaged Japanese vehicle carrier Makassar Highway is currently being towed to Oskarshamn. The towing started at 21.51 Tuesday evening, and kept going throughout the night. The vessel is leaking oil but the following ships are gathering the emissions.
New diving investigation of vehicle carrier
31-07-2018 10:00
Divers from the rescue company will conduct new investigations of the Japanese vehicle carrier that went aground on the Swedish east coast last week. The investigations will determine the necessary measurements for the ship to be towed into port without causing further pollution.
New troubles surrounding tanker in Aalbæk bugt
30-07-2018 12:00
19 Russian sailors, who have been onboard a Turkish tanker located in Aalbæk Bugt, have not received payment for a period of five months. ITF wants to take up the case, but in order to do so they need power of attorney from the crewmembers.
Vehicle carrier is unexpectedly off grounds
30-07-2018 10:00
Heavy winds caused the unexpected as the Japanese vehicle carrier Makassar Highway that ran aground pulled away from rock grounds, on the night to Sunday. The ship is now floating and anchored, but the ship has released large amounts of fuel oil which has reached the coast. This has caused an extensive environmental effort on the scene.
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