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Svitzers first all-female crew
Svitzers first all-female crew
16-03-2019 12:00
As part of its gender inclusion initiatives in the nautical industry, world leading towage operator, Svitzer hired the first 100% female crew for the Dominican Republic. Over the waters of Rio Haina and Caucedo, the Svitzer Monte Cristi, a 70-ton tugboat helps maneuver larger vessels so they can dock, undo or be driven through the channels.

DFDS’ service on Kiel–St Petersburg ceases
17-03-2019 12:00
As DFDS doesn’t operate its own ferry between Kiel and St Petersburg, our service is maintained through chartering space on Finnlines’ ships on the route. However, at short notice, Finnlines has informed DFDS they will cease sailings on Kiel – St Petersburg as soon as possible.
Norden invests in West African region
15-03-2019 12:00
Danish shipping company Norden is opening an office in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, as part of the Company’s continued global expansion. The office will generate new business and focus on contributing positively to the development of the region.
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Torm posts 35 million dollar loss in 2018
12-03-2019 12:00
Danish company Torm had a loss of 35 million dollar in 2018, compared to a profit of 2 million dollar in 2017. Revenue fell from 657 million dollar in 2017 to 625 million dollar in 2018. According to the management, Torm is still among the best within its peer group.
Maersk Supply secures contract with Total
11-03-2019 12:00
Newbuild vessel, Maersk Involver, has been fixed for 161 days to support maintenance of the DAN F platform located offshore Esbjerg for walk-to-walk and accommodation services. The contract is expected to commence start-April 2019.
 Erria lost 19,3 mio. kr. i 2018
08-03-2019 12:00
Danish shipping company Erria lost 19,3 million kroner in 2018, compared to a loss of 278.000 kroner in 2017, and 10,9 million in 2016. The revenue amounted to 83.6 million kroner, compared to 101,3 million kroner in 2017.

 EVP Henrik Holck to leave DFDS
06-03-2019 17:00
Following the announced changes of management, where Niels Smedegaard has decided to step down as CEO of DFDS, and Torben Carlsen will become the new CEO - Henrik Holck, Head of the People & Ships Division, will not be part of the future management team.

Norden netprofit of 28.8 mio. dollar
05-03-2019 12:00
Danish shipping company Norden gained a net. Profit of 28,8 million dollars in 2018, compared to 24.6 million in 2017. The result for the year adjusted for profit from sale of vessels etc. was 20 million dollars compared to 28 million dollar I 2017.
DFDS CEO Niels Smedegaard steps down
04-03-2019 08:34
Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS since 1 January 2007, has decided to step down as CEO of DFDS at the end of April. Torben Carlsen, who has been the company’s CFO since 2009, will become the new CEO.
Frigate at Semco Maritime Hanøytangen
02-03-2019 08:00
In cooperation with the salvage company BOA and the Norwegian Navy and Material Command, Semco Maritime participates in the current salvage operations of the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad. The job is now to secure the frigate onto a special barge for her transport to Haakonsvern naval base.
Erria announces 1m dkr. capital raise
01-03-2019 10:00
The board of directors of Erria has announced that the Company has now raised DKK 1,000,000.00 through the issuance of convertible notes. The board of directors remains authorized to issue additional convertible notes of up to 15,325,635.38 Danish kroner.
 Maritime industry accounts for 25% of exp.
28-02-2019 12:00
The Danish maritime segment employs 96,000 people and accounts for 6.5 percent of Denmark's GDP and 25 percent of Danish exports. These numbers stem from a new report that also shows that the people employed in the Danish maritime industry create more than twice as much value for the Danish economy, for each person compared to the average employee.

 Video: Massiv fire onboard ship in Grenaa
26-02-2019 12:00
On late Monday night a fire broke out onboard a ship that was docked in Grenaa that was waiting to be scrapped. At first the police department sent a police car to the port, but shortly after the communal emergency and safety department took over and have been fighting the fire the entire night.

Maersk accelerates transformation
21-02-2019 12:00
Progress on the transformation of A. P. Moller - Maersk continued in 2018. Customers benefitted from integrated offerings, digital solutions and robust network improvements. Since 2016, the topline has grown by 43%, to USD 39bn in 2018, an additional USD 12bn in turnover.
Maersk is making noise in New Zealand
21-02-2019 10:00
The container shipping company Hamburg Süd, which is part of Maersk, is not very popular in New Zealands port city Port Chalmers. This is due to the fact that the company has chosen to make stops at the port in ships that are prt of Hamburg Süd’s Rio-class, which have a larger capacity than Maersk Line’s L-class ships which were previously used for the purpose.
15 people injured on Danish CTV near Rügen
20-02-2019 10:00
All 15 people onboard the CTV World Bora were injured when the vessel collided with a freighter ship a few nautical miles North East of the island Rügen in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday morning. Two people were flown to the hospital once the ship arrived at port, while eight others were severely injured.
Repairing Olga takes longer than expected
19-02-2019 10:00
The reparation of Maersk Panamax’s container ship Olga Maersk, which had a fire in it’s engine room while heading from Panama to Cartagena on January 29, will not be finished before February 23 2019.
 Royal Caribbean orders another Oasis-ship
19-02-2019 10:00
The cruise ships of the Oasis-class are a huge success for Royal Caribbean Cruises and the shipping company has therefore sight a contract regarding a sixth ship of the kind. The cruise ship, which will be delivered in the spring of 2023, will be build at the French shipyard Chantiers de l'Atlantique.

 Tanker blocks Suez canal
18-02-2019 12:00
A tanker heading through the Suez Canal experienced an engine fail and blocked traffic in the southbound direction. The Croatian flagged tanker

Denmark fails to deliver nautical charts
18-02-2019 10:00
Denmark has failed to deliver on a 10 year old promise of creating 73 new digital nautical charts of the Southwest Greenland waters by the end 2018. At this point, only 34 nautical charts have been made, and it could be up to 7 years before the lasts charts are ready.
Molslinjens Express has arrived in Aarhus
15-02-2019 10:00
After almost a month at sea, Molslinjen's new express ferry, Express 4, made it to the Port of Arhus this Sunday. The journey of more than 11.000 nautical mailes from Perth in Australia to Aarhus is done, and Express 4 is getting ready to transport guests between Aarhus and Odden.
British government terminates contract
11-02-2019 10:00
The British government has terminated a “no-deal” agreement with Seaborne Freight. The deal has been canceled because the Irish shipping company Arklow Shipping, who were suppose to supply the ships that were part of the agreement, decided to pull out of the deal. Seaborne Freight does not own their own ships and therefore needed a partner in order to hold up their end of the bargain.
EU approves Stena joint venture
08-02-2019 10:00
The European Commission has approved the establishment of a joint venture between Stena Shipping, a part of Stena AB, and German Glovis Europe, which is operated by the South Korean company Hyundai Glovis. The joint venture will mainly revolve around operating shorter routes by RoRo vessels.
 Braat celbrates 30 years in Danske Maritime
07-02-2019 10:00
The Danish trade organization Danske Maritime’s CEO Jenny N. Braat will be celebrating her 30th anniversary in the organization that represents Danish shipyards and maritime equipment companies. She has been CEO of the trade organization since 2011.

 Municipal meeting regarding Samsø ferry
05-02-2019 10:00
On Thursday February 7 Samsø’s district council will work out the details of a new express ferry, which will sail between Aarhus and Sælvig. The 11 district council members will amongst other things gain insight to what the new ferry will look like.

60 years ago Hans Hedtoft sank
01-02-2019 10:00
It is exactly 60 years since the Danish liner MS Hans Hedtoft was shipwrecked south of Kap Farvel. People in both Denmark and Greenland followed the rescue mission. Every hour, people could tune in to their radioes for updates on the rescue mission, which seemed to swerve between hopefulness and doubt. In the end, all that was left was sorrow. Everyone onboard the liner died.
Unifeeder connects Gdynia with DP London
29-01-2019 12:00
Unifeeder has established a new route between Gdynia and DP World London Gateway, which will open on February 22. The new route is part of Unifeeders plan of delivering a competitive transport alternative to customers, as well as creating a safe door-to-door delivery of freight to the UK from the continent.
Two killed and 10 injured in explosion
29-01-2019 10:00
An explosion that took place in a boiler room on a Turkish shipyard cost the lives of two workers, and injured ten others. Firemen were quick to put out the fire on Cido Shipping’s aframax tanker LR2 Poseidon yesterday at Tuzlas shipyard near Istanbul.
Freighship hits weir in Göta Älven
28-01-2019 12:00
The Latvian freights ship Oak, which is registered in the Cook Islands, had an accident on Sunday evening when it was in Lilla Edet in Göta Älven. The crew lost control of the ship as it hit a weir and was wrecked.
 Norden charters new ultramax to JJ Ugland
25-01-2019 10:00
Norwegian shipping company JJ Ugland has chartered their newest ultramax to Danish shipping company Norden. JJ Uglands ship Jorita of 63.000 DWT was named last Wednesday at Shin Kasado shipyard in Japan by its god mother Pernille Berg Johnsson. The shipyard delivered a sister ship in 2017.

 Frigate will never sail again
23-01-2019 10:00
A Norwegian expert who has been in charge of the building process of numerous of the parts that the Norwegian frigate KNM Helge consists of has said that the frigate, which is almost sunken at this point, will never sail again.

Maersk adds to Far East Asia-USA Gulf route
22-01-2019 10:00
As Maersk continues their quest to improve customer experience and supply cost effective products, the company wants to add another container vessel to the TP18 rotation from the Far East to the Gulf of Mexico.
32 % of offshore-vessels not in operation
17-01-2019 12:00
It is no secret that shipping companies that deal in the offshore sector are under pressure. VesselsValues' offshore manager Robert Day has a new study out on how many ships are currently not in service on a global scale, a study that shows that 32 percent of the worlds ships are not in service. The situation is worst in South East Asia.
New partnership for the Danish Maritime Fair
17-01-2019 09:00
The Media Group Maritime Denmark and Bella Center Copenhagen have entered into a partnership to develop and host the International Maritime Fair - Danish Maritime Fair - in 2020 and 2022.
Esvagt rescues men from fire North Sea
16-01-2019 12:00
Last Friday, the crew onboard the fishing boat RI 524 James Robert were rescued by a helicopter in the North Sea, as water was leaking into the boat which caused it to start sinking. On Saturday, Esvagt Carina was hired to pull the unmanned fishing boat to the waters of Grådyb, where another vessel would takeover and pull it to land
 Esvagt and Equinor prolong cooperation
15-01-2019 10:00
Eight years of mutual trust and cooperation are about to be extended, as Equinor and Esvagt add a minimum of three years to their cooperation in the southern part of the Norwegian sector.

 15 seafarers stranded on ship in Aarhus Bay
11-01-2019 12:00
Fifteen seafarers from four countries have since December 19 been stranded onboard the freight vessel HHL Amur, which is anchored in Aarhus Bay. The freight vessel was taken into arrest after its owner – German shipping company Hansa Heavy Lift declared bankruptcy.

No new Scandinavian Star investigation
09-01-2019 10:00
The case of arson that took the lives of 159 people onboard the ferry Scandinavian Star on April 7 1990 will remain unsolved. The Copenhagen Police Department has refused to re-enter the case despite new reports and documentation about the victims of the arsony that was handed in back in May 2018.
MOL takes over Nordic Tankers
07-01-2019 10:00
Chemical tanker company Nordic Tankers has a new owner. The venture capital firm Triton has sold all their shares in the company to MOL Chemical Tankers, a subsidiary of the Japanese company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines. The Danish shipping company will change its name to MOL Nordic Tankers, while the company’s management and employees remain the same.
Maersk returns shipping in Somalia
07-01-2019 10:00
Following a long period of absence, Maersk Line has chosen to return to shipping to the Somali port town Mogadishu. The return indicates that the situation in the southern and central part of Somalia has become more stabile.
Dane is appointed CEO at APL
04-01-2019 12:00
Lars Kastrup has been appointed CEO of container shipping company American President Lines - APL – which is owned by the leading worldwide container shipping company CMA CGM and has its headquarters in Singapore. Lars Kastrup, who has worked for CMA CGM since 2007, has an education from A.P. Møller -Mærsk.
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