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Sanchi tanker has sunk after big explosion
Sanchi tanker has sunk after big explosion
15-01-2018 08:00
A big explosion on Sunday afternoon hit the burning Iranian tanker Sanshi, when another tanker suddenly was ignited. The explosion created a huge smoke cloud and sent burning oil across a larger area of the ocean surface.

Norwegian ferry service decision by Easter
12-01-2018 15:00
Employees of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport will Monday morning start looking into the received offers on the famous "Kystruten" service from Bergen to Kirkenes starting 2020. The current operator, Hurtigruten AS, is amongst the shipping companies, who have made an offer.
Danish cruise passengers eliminate Copenhagen
12-01-2018 14:00
The number of Danish passengers onboard on cruise ships in Copenhagen has fallen from 14,126 to 6,332 over the last three years. The Mediterranean is more appealing and the prices lower. On the other hand, foreigners queue up to sail from Denmark to Norwegian fjords and Russian st. Petersburg.
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Lowest number of pirate attacks in 22 years
10-01-2018 15:00
The number of pirate attacks in 2017 was the lowest since 1996, International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has reported. But the organization stresses the fact, that there is still a posibilty of attacks, for example in places such as Guinea Bay. Only 182 incidents were registered.
Tanker crashes into platform in the North Sea
02-01-2018 09:30

On the first night of the New Year, the German tanker Elsa Essberger crashed into an unmanned offshore platform located 20 sea miles of the Dutch city Den Helder. The tanker was severely damaged, but fortunately no crewmembers were injured and there has not been reported any emission of oil to the water from neither the tanker nor the platform.
 Maersk Broker had an excellent 2017
02-01-2018 09:00
The stock company Maersk Broker, owned by Maersk Mc-Kinney Møllers three daughters, had an excellent year in 2017, where the company succeeded more than 100 S&P, had an active role in 35 new building and resale business and more than 2,000 fixtures.

 Happy New Year
29-12-2017 12:00
Maritimedenmark.dk wishes everyone a Happy New Year. We look forward to serve you with more news from the Danish maritime cluster, when we start up again Wednesday, January 3.

Monjasa subsidiary deploy floating hotel
29-12-2017 11:00
The Danish bunker-fuel company Monjasa's Dutch subsidiary, C-bed, has chartered the floating hotel Wind Innovator to the British Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm. From 1 January and the next 4-5 months, Wind Innovator will become the temporary home for the offshore technicians completing the wind farm.
Samsø Ferry will live up to new traveling plan
22-12-2017 13:00
Danish ferry company Færgen has their traveling plan for the route between Kalundborg and Samsø for 2018 ready. The travel plan has taken citizens of Samsø’s wishes into the equation, the company has stated in a press release. The plan also includes that the ferry to Samsø will stick to the scheduel for a change.
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Suspicion of bribe in Submarine settlement
22-12-2017 12:00
This Wednesday, Argentine police searched the headquarters for the Argentine navy and the former Buenos Aires department of the German supplier Ferrostaal in the search of evidence connected to the submarine ARA San Juan’s settlement 15. The German company is suspected of having bribed the Argentine navy.
Euronav confirm Gener8 Maritime merger
21-12-2017 15:00
In a press release this morning Euronav and Gener8 Maritime have confirmed, that the two companies are merging to become one company. The company will be one of the largest tanker companies with a fleet, which consists of 75 ships.
 Bulker success may continue through 2018
21-12-2017 14:00
The coming year will most likely be a good one for bulk carrier companies, because the fleet seems to increase very slowly, while the demand will grow very fast, Bimco writes. But the progress is fragile and can be shortened by various factors.

 Record breaking ticket sale on Kattegat ferry
20-12-2017 15:00
Never before, so many have purchased a Christmas ticket for the ferry trip over Kattegat between 20th and 30th December. Ticket sales add up to a new Christmas record for Molslinjen. At present, sales have increased with 15 per cent compared to last year, a statement from the shipping company has shown.

HH Ferries appoints new commercial director
19-12-2017 14:00
HH Ferries Group has announced Susanne Kaarnimo-Knight as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) with the responsibility of being in charge of the concerns commercial activities on Scandlines Helsingør to Helsingborg ferry trip.
Media: Hafnia Tankers working on a merger
18-12-2017 14:00
Danish shipping company Hafnia Tankers are getting closer to reaching their goals of going public at the New York Stock Exchange through merging, with a goal of making a deal in the beginning of 2018, various finance sources have stated, according to TradeWinds.
Shipping companies anxious about Brexit
15-12-2017 15:00
The European Community Shipowners association ECSA, are playing a strong hand in getting a deal done between the EU and Britain, which makes sure that Brexit won’t affect their business. At the same time, ECSA emphasizes the need for similar rights in shipping in the EU and Britain.
25 mio. for maritime educational programs
13-12-2017 11:00
The Danish Maritime Fund has decided to put 25 million danish kroner towards bettering maritime educational programs in Denmark over the course of the next two years. This will be done by targeting ten specific initiatives in 2018-19, the fund states in a release statement.
 Watch out – here ships sail by themselves
08-12-2017 15:00
Norway now has a new sea area for testing autonomous ships. The area is located in Horten in the Oslofjord and was launched on December 6th as the third of its kind in Norway and the fourth in the world. The technological maritime company Kongsberg is one of the initiators of the area.

 Fusion could reduce Hamburg Süd’s fleet
07-12-2017 15:00
Hamburg Süd's fleet of approximately 100 owned and chartered ships could be reduced as a result of the requirements A.P. Møller - Mærsk has been imposed following the merger. According to Alphaliner, "at least 25 ships" will be affected.

Which flag should we use today…
07-12-2017 14:00
The easiest way to try to bypass sea territory lines and administrative hassle can be waving a suitable flag. A Chinese ship in Indonesian waters tried this maneuver, but the ship was held back by the Coast Guard. On board, the authorities found six different flags.
Former leader at Færgen hired by Molslinjen
06-12-2017 15:00
From the 1st of December, the former technical manager and most recently company inspector Bent Boris Hansen at the Danish shipping company Færgen, officially works for Molslinjen. Færgen confirmed this today to TV2 / Bornholm.
Maersk shall employ 200 for digital buildup
05-12-2017 14:00
A.P. Møller - Maersk has chosen to employ more than 200 new engineers for a digital buildup at the company's newly established Center of Excellence in Bengalore, India. The new engineers will help Maersk with the digital transformation.
Solstad Farstad gains orders in Australia
04-12-2017 14:00
The newly merged Norwegian offshore global corporation Solstad Farstad has won multiple contracts with their ships in Australia from three separate companies. The contracts for the ships, owned by the financially hurt shipping company, amounts to somewhere near 200 days.
 Cosco beats Maersk Line in container volume
30-11-2017 13:00
For the first time ever, Cosco beat Maersk Line in the third quarter on the leading board of the worlds largest container shipping company, measured by the number of TEU’s handled in the quarter of the year. But the reason behind the results is the most elaborate hacking attack against Maersk.

 Maersk closes the Hamburg Süd deal on Thursday
28-11-2017 11:00
South Korea was today the last country to accept, and A.P. Møller - Maersk´s purchase of Hamburg Süd has thereby been finalized. The 4,3 billion-dollar deal was announced in December last year, and Maersk expects it to be official on Thursday.

Maersk Expands its Executive Board
28-11-2017 09:30
The Board of Directors of A.P. Møller - Maersk has today decided to announce Morten Engelstoft, Vincent Clerc and Søren Toft as new Executive Board members of A.P. Møller - Mærsk A / S starting 1 December 2017, the company has informed.
Rreform strengthens martime educations
27-11-2017 11:15
On Friday, A broad majority at Christiansborg agreed on how to distribute funding for academic educational programs. The deal will for instance focus on schools, which are not located in larger cities – and this is a good thing, according to Danish Shipping.
Express ferries approved for Bornholm
27-11-2017 09:00
The Swedish transport agency have approved catamaran ferries from Molslinjen, a landscape on the east coast of Jutland, to sail between the city of Rønne and Swedish city Ystad, TV2 Bornholm informs. There was a certain anticipation regarding the decision, due to the stern waves created by ferries.
Pirate attacks inhibits the growth of West Africa
24-11-2017 10:00
The threat of pirates risks exceeding the positive growth the West African economies in 2017, like Ghana, that currently has an official visit from Denmark. Pirate attacks continue to be a major problem for the countries around the Bay of Guinea.
 Grounded ship blocked Odense Port
23-11-2017 13:00
The Dutch ship Arklow Valour from Rotterdam sailed aground on Tuesday morning when it was entering Odense harbor at Lindø. As the ridge went into one of the sides of the canal, the vessel turned around and crossed the canal to block traffic to and from the port.

 Great demand for engineers
23-11-2017 13:00
There is complete employment among engineers, and more than ever have started the education. But even more engineers are needed, Minister of Education and Research Søren Pind noted at the opening of the business conference Ajour 2017.

Vestas has signed Russian order
22-11-2017 15:00
Together with OOO Fortum Energy, Vestas has signed the first order for delivery of turbines to the Russian market. The order includes 14 V126-3.6 MW turbines for an unnamed 50 MW project.
Tuco are looking for
22-11-2017 08:00
As we are seeing an increased interest in our ProZero range of Daughter Crafts, FRB´s and Workboats, we are looking for an experienced marine sales person to strengthen our sales team.
Lack of legal framework for unmanned ship
21-11-2017 13:00
Leaders in the maritime industry have expressed concern about the problem of who should be held responsible if an unmanned ship is involved in an accident due to cyber-attacks. The rules are simply not geared for the possibilities of the future.
Danske Rederier open Disruption Academy
20-11-2017 11:00
Danske Rederier, along with the consulting company DareDisrupt, has initiated a new academy for employees in the shipping companies. The academy, which will be settled in early 2018, will keep Danish shipping at the forefront of digital development and the latest technological trends.
 Danish Shipping adjusts organization
17-11-2017 15:00
Danske Rederier will focus more on research policy, digitalization, competencies and education policy in the coming years, thus creating a new department for Business Development and Communication and appointing two deputy directors as directors who will become part of the management.

 Nordseth new chairman of EMSA
17-11-2017 09:00
The Board of the EU Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has just elected the Director of the Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth, as its new chairman. Admiral Nicola Carlone, Italy, was elected Vice-President.

Globalization challenges the Blue Denmark
16-11-2017 16:00
Jeffrey Saunders from the Institute of Future Research is one of the main speakers at the Blue Denmark Maritime Conference at Christiansborg. He gave the 100 participants an insight into the rapid globalization and its importance to shipping and the Danish maritime industry.
Recruitment: Maritime industry is too negative
16-11-2017 15:00
Too many negative messages from and about the maritime industry have helped to scare the young people away. "Instead, we should point out all the positive things in the maritime industry in order to attract young people," John Ibsen, Metal Maritime, stated at today's maritime conference at Christiansborg.
Danish focus on autonomous shipping
15-11-2017 10:00
The Maritime Authority's Conference on Autonomous Ships focuses strongly on the possibilities of utilizing new technology on ships. The Danish Maritime Authority can take the next step in the effort to create a safe, secure framework for the utilization of new technology in shipping.
Autonomous ships are already a reality
14-11-2017 12:00
More than 200 maritime stakeholders from around the world are gathered in Copenhagen on Tuesday to be informed about and discuss autonomous shipping. The director of the Danish Maritime Authority Andreas Norseth concluded from the conference that autonomous ships are not a future vision - it is already a reality.
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