Danish marine suppliers consolidate

Danish marine suppliers consolidate

23-07-2020 10:00:00

Weilbach, Vento Maritime and Force Technology previously dealt with their customers separately, but these three suppliers of the marine industry have just sent a joint digital route optimisation solution to the market. They want their collaboration to lay a stronger groundwork for sales to shipping industry markets in Denmark and abroad.

“Each of us was receiving queries from customers asking whether the three of us could get together to work out common solutions. We had thought we could do this all by ourselves, but had to admit that we couldn’t meet our customers’ needs alone. So we joined forces and are going to the market with a solution based on the expertise each of us has to offer”, says Martin Mikkelsen, Director, Business Development & Sales at Weilbach.

Collaborating with Vento Maritime and Force Technology to develop new digital route optimisations is aimed at strengthening the positions of the companies in Denmark and internationally alike. The competition for orders in the industry became more cut-throat than ever during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We’ve got customers in Denmark who’ve made enormous technological advances and are keenly interested in new solutions to optimise their fuel consumption. After making these investments in their business, it seems only natural to them to ask us, as suppliers, to join forces and develop solutions as the next step in the process. We must exploit the lessons we’ve learnt and go abroad so we’re stronger together and have the capacity to meet the requirements of our customers”, Martin Mikkelsen says.

The core of digital route optimisation is to give shipping companies a single point of contact to the essential data required for choosing the safest and best route. As one of few players in the market, the trio base their route optimisation on updated electronic nautical charts and calculate routes based on weather, nautical and maritime conditions, and the exact dimensions of each ship.

“Shipping companies are constantly looking to streamline ship operations where crews have multiple systems and tasks they have to coordinate. At the same time, having fewer suppliers cuts costs for staffing hours, maintenance and operations. It boosts our chances of increasing our market share by going out with a single, combined, attractive solution for shipping companies,” explains Mogens Fynbo, Sales Manager, Force Technology.

A decisive element for the shipping industry is fuel consumption, and the industry is pressured by IMO requirements to reduce shipping’s emissions and environmental impact.

“The challenges currently facing the shipping industry compel it to incorporate the latest technology into their planning to further economise shipping operations. Many customers are looking for route instructions and use a wide variety of applications on board. Now they’re getting all this in one program, and as every hour is costly in shipping, the solution will quickly pay for itself”, says Carsten Kofoed, Managing Director, Vento Maritime.

Although the solution was just put on the market, Weilbach, Vento Maritime and Force Technology are planning to further develop their cooperation:

“Now that we’re reaching out to our customers with a digital route optimisation solution, we’re ready to take the next step. The next solution will include digital logbooks. We’re receptive to new collaboration and hope that more Danish suppliers will join in to help all of us strengthen our positions together,” Martin Mikkelsen says.

• Weilbach, Vento Maritime and Force Technology are all Danish suppliers who have been members of Maritime Denmark for many years and market their solutions on the worldwide marine market.

• Their digital route optimisation is a single platform that makes it possible to select the best navigation route based on updated electronic nautical charts, precise weather data, detailed calculations of ship dimensions and nautical and maritime conditions.

• This provides a high level of security on board and an opportunity to chart the best route in terms of fuel consumption and voyage duration.

• The solution is one of the few of its kind on the market.

Source: Weilbach

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