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ProZero for the Hamburg Police Forces

ProZero for the Hamburg Police Forces

13-05-2019 12:00:00

Tuco Marine Group har closes a deal for new ProZero 8m Center Console Interceptor with Hamburg Police Special Forces. The 8-metre ProZero CC Interceptor is the short-length successor to the 12m ProZero Interceptor and lives up to the same high standards.

Ride quality and ergonomics is key to enduring exhausting high-speed missions. With its non-stepped, variable deep V-bottom hull featuring a fine forward entry, a flared bow, wide chines and lifting strakes/spray rails, the hull provides a safe and reliable base for high-speed operations and will tackle even very agitated sea states.

The Interceptor is constructed carbon fibre composites which exhibit an unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio. Seats and consoles are positioned to facilitate workflow coordination, and state-of-the-art operations management and electronic situational awareness support is purposefully integrated for ease of use.

The Center Console deck layout provides flexibility and room for a variety of missions and boarding situations – the layout is dynamic and can be transformed through built-in cargo rails into mission-specific environments with alternative seating arrangements, weapon mounts or extra cargo area

Particular attention has been paid to crew comfort, shock mitigation and safety during high-speed and boarding missions while enhancing mission-capability and preserving structural rigidity, integrity and strength.

Source: Tuco

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