Collided ferries both have Danish past

Collided ferries both have Danish past

25-02-2019 12:00:00

The two Italian flagged ferries that were involved in the collision in the Port of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples this weekend both have a Danish past. They have both sailed short routes over Øresund from the Danish cities Copenhagen, Dragør, and Kastrup, and from Limhamn and Malmø in Sweden.

Benito Buono was build at Fr. Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co.KG in 1968 for the shipping company Rederi AB Öresund and was named Hamlet. The ferry sailed the route between Malmö and Copenhagen from February 17 1969 to June 1969. after this, it sailed the between Limhamn and Dragør for more than 27 years from July 1 1969 to November 4 1996.

Benito Buono was build as m/f Hamlet in 1968 and was originally intended to sail the HH route, but the plan did not go through and the ferry was taken over by Öresundsbolaget and put on the Dragør -Limhamn crossing.

According to one of Maritime Danmark’s readers, who sailed with Benito Buono a couple of years ago, the inside of the ferry still looks like it did nearly 20 years ago when the reader was onboard the ferry on the route between Linmhamn and Dragør.

Don Peppino was also build at Jos. L. Meyer Werft in 1964. The ferry sailed a route between Kastrup and Malmø for approximately five years from March 1964 to 1969.

Maritime Danmark would like to thank readers for contributing with information.

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