More Danish design in cruise ships

More Danish design in cruise ships

28-02-2019 10:00:00

Danish Cruise & Ferry Group are leading a new project: Onboard Danish Design, a project that will work as a platform for a new export adventure by brining design and engineering companies into the cruise ship market, which is experiencing an incredible growth these years.

Danish companies have gained international recognition for their ability to combine design with a sustainable focus, and with sustainable solutions on board, shipowners can give passengers an extraordinary experience, which is very important in the tourist industry. There are numerous companies that deliver to the industry and that have truly broken the code, but there is a huge potential for more Danish suppliers to get a piece of pie. This project will focus on this potential ” says CEO of the Danish Export Association, the company behind the Danish Cruise & Ferry Group, Ulrik Dahl.

The cruises ship industry is the fastest growing section of the global tourist industry, and there is a huge demand for solutions and products that can take the industry to higher levels.

“The purpose of this project is to help Danish companies create business on a new export market, which will contribute to a larger Danish footprint in an industry with enormous potential. The cruise ship industry's demands, customers and sales processes are significantly different from projects that are perfomed on land, and the initiative will therefore equip companies to work in an industry that is otherwise unknown to them, ”says CEO of the Danish Industry Foundation, Thomas Hofman-Bang when speaking on why the fond chose to support the project with 4.5 million Danish kroner as part of the fund's focus on creating new global partnerships that benefits Danish business’.

The project is currently in its first phase where the companies have the opportunity to hear more about the project at numerous information seminars across the country. After this, the project goes into a clarification phase, where the Danish Export Association will speak about experience, knowledge and give insight to the cruise ship industry as well as knowledge of what it takes to start exporting to a new type of client, which the cruise ship industry is for the Danish design and interior suppliers.

The following step is to create detailed clarification process for the indivudial small and larger companies who are ready to begin the journey and enter a new export market. Seeing as it is difficult to start exporting, the companies will receive help with a few parameters, including competences and new knowledge, so that more Danish companies can become suppliers to the cruise ship industry, thus helping to increase Denmark’s sales.

Source: Eksportforeningen / Maritime Danmark

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