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∆rÝXpressen takes shape in Riga

∆rÝXpressen takes shape in Riga

12-02-2019 12:00:00

The hybrid ferry ∆rÝXpressen, which is going to sail between RudkÝbing and Marstal, is beginning to take shape in Riga where the hull is being build. Sometime near May 1, the hull will be transported to Hvide Sande Shipyard where the yard will spent around six months finalizing the ferry.

Representatives of Hvide Sande Shipyard recently visited Nybygning 137 pŚ ASK Enterprises in Riga, and during the visit the video beneath was filmed.

∆rÝXpressen has capacity for approximately 200 passengers plus 30 cars, and will according to the plan be delivered on September 30.

The company behind the ferry crossing has entered a service management agreement with FŲrde Reederei Seetouristik in Flensborg regarding technology, staff, booking and marketing.

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