When men have had enough of each other

When men have had enough of each other

08-01-2019 12:00:00

On January 17 the M/S Museum opens the doors for the maritime exhibition ”When men have had enough of each other, onboard the Denmark expedition 1906-08”. At the exhibition, visitors will get the chance to gain insight to the expedition members through personal diaries and photographs.

On a summer day in 1906, the re-constructed whaler 'Denmark' departed from Copenhagen. On the quay people where smiling and crying, already missing their kin onboard the whaler. The crew onboard had great ambitions. The last section of Greenland's northeast coast was to be mapped, and there were high expectations for great scientific results.

But there was a sense of chaos onboard the ship. The waving expedition members, with journalist and explorer Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen as leader of the expedition, had to make their way through loose ropes, barrels, and boxes with food and supplies to last them more than two years. A pack of Greenland Dogs also mingled with the people on the foredeck.

After a stay in Frederikshavn, the physical conditions on board were brought under control. Three Greenlandic expedition members were waiting with another pack of dogs in the Faroe Islands. In Iceland, the expedition members mingled with the locals while the last things were loaded. Then the ship left civilization, and the feverish activity was replaced by an inner world in the middle of wasteland.

Learn more at the expedition at M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark in Helsingør, which starts on January 17.

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