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Maersk Container Industry shuts factory

Maersk Container Industry shuts factory

03-01-2019 12:00:00

Maersk Container Industry has decided to stop producing dry cargo containers, in order to focus more on the production of reefer containers. As a consequence of this, MCI has decided to shut down their factory in Dongguan.

”By focusing our resources on the reefer container segment, we are ensuring sustainable growth and continued investment in the best products," says CEO of Maersk Container Industry, Sean Fitzgerald.

Maersk Container Industry is the creator of the Star Cool technology, which is a leading technology within the reefer segment. Reefer containers are produced in MCI’s factory in Qingdao, which is the company’s last remaining factory.

The development process takes place in Tinglev while the company has its headquarters in Copenhagen.

The now shut down dry cargo container factory in Dongguan has not been operating since early December due to lack of orders. The factory has 2,000 employees.

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