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Sølling Olsen receives IMO award

Sølling Olsen receives IMO award

03-12-2018 10:00:00

Former Vice President of the Danish Maritime Authority, Birgit Sølling Olsen will be awarded the International Maritime Prize for 2017 on Thursday December 6. The award ceremony takes place in connection with the meeting of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee.

”We are very proud of her, her at the Danish Maritime Authority. Internationally, Birgit has always been respected by colleges, not just for her expertise in areas such as sea law, but just as much for her will to search for wider solutions to problems, that other countries can get behind”, says CEO of the Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth.

Birgit Sølling Olsen was nominated due to support from Denmark, as well as the organizations International Chamber of Shipping, and International Group of P & I Clubs, based on her long career and selfless contribution to IMO as a Danish representative with particular focus on the legal aspects of the organization's work.

Birgit Sølling Olsen worked the most of her career in Danish and international shipping, and her latest place of employment was in the Danish Maritime Authority from 1996 to 2017, where she held the title as Vice President from 2003 until she retired in 2017.

The award is given one time a year to a person or an organization that has made a significant contribution to IMO’s work. Last year the award given to IMO’s formers secretary general Koji Sekimizu.

Source: Søfartsstyrelsen / Maritime Danmark

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