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Large areas reserved for offshore wind

Large areas reserved for offshore wind

30-11-2018 10:00:00

Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt has decided to reserve large parts of Danish waters for the governmental development of offshore wind power. The reason for this is to make sure that the Danish government are able to create more offshore wind power projects in the future.

”Wind resources in Denmark belongs to all Danes, and therefore the resources should benefit the people. In regards to the energy agreement, the parliament agrees that it is a good idea to analyze the potential of offshore wind power, and before we hand over some of the world's best wind resources, I would like to make sure that we have an overview of how our resources benefit the country best – the same way we did with the North Sea Oil, which has contributed with more 400 billion Danish kroner to the Danish treasury, "says Lars. Christian Lilleholt.

Private actors also see the potential of the North Sea, and earlier this year the Danish Energy Agency experienced an interest in investigating the opportunities for making large offshore wind farm projects. Private reservation such as this would heavily reduce the possibilities of making governmental developments in the future.

Once a reservation of an area has been made public, applications for the areas cannot be submitted. Danish wind resources are so good that it looks like we could experience a North Sea adventure that can help fund our schools, hospitals and police departments - just as North Sea oil has contributed with for more than 40 years.

The interest in Danish waters that the Danish Energy Agency has experienced indicates that the circumstances of the so-called ’open door-arrangement’ for development in the field of offshore wind power is starting to change. Since the open door-arrangement was established, the prize on offshore wind power has decreased significantly, and the government believes that it will be possible to develop offshore wind power without funding.

If private actors start taking up large parts of the ocean areas, and begin to developing offshore wind on an unprecedented scale, our entire energy system will have to be able to keep up.
This will, among many things, require strengthening of our electric network on land. Strengthening our electric network could cost billions.

”The consumers will be the ones stuck with the bill, and I am happy not to print such bills, without having a clear overview of the development of offshore wind power in the future” says lars Christian Lilleholt.

Source: Energi-, Forsynings- og Klimaministeri / Maritime Danmark

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