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100 young adults gets a feel of a life at sea

100 young adults gets a feel of a life at sea

23-11-2018 12:00:00

00 students who are enrolled in HTX schools (Higher Technical Examination Program) showed up on Crown Seaways, as DFDS made their ship available for the 11th time, for the yearly event SHIP Event 2018. The Blue Denmark’s education campaign World Careers, is in charge of the annual event, and have had great success hosting the events throughout the years.

"They are being bombarded with so many impressions on social and digital media around the clock, so the opportunity of a personal meeting with a role model from the maritime industry is by far the best way to brand education and career to an audience of young people in 2018, "says Campaign Leader in World Career, Anne Bay Riisager.

The day started of with networking, where the many role models from the maritime educational programs and different shipping companies were present to answer questions. Aside from obtaining information about the many education programs and working at sea, the participants got the opportunity to try the popular game ”SHIP GAME”.

”The SHIP event is a natural part of our campaign that aims to recruit cadets. Here we have the opportunity to meet 70 potential workers who all will finish their high school education in summer, and are thereby ready to enroll in a maritime education program. Says Recruitment Partner in Maersk Line Group’s cadet administration, Kim Balsløv Jørgensen. Maersk Line is one of the shipping companies that have attended the event several times.

The day ended with a tour of Crown Seaways with a visit to the bridge and the engine room. Here the young adults got a feel of what an actual career in the maritime is like.

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