HH Ferries becomes ForSea

HH Ferries becomes ForSea

13-11-2018 12:00:00

As part of HH Ferries Group’s environment strategy, the two ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora now sail solely on battery power. The company is also changing its name to ForSea in order to make their intentions of becoming the regions most sustainable shipping company as clear as possible

”The two battery powered ferries are the first step on our sustainable road towards becoming an even better ferry shipping company. We wont settle with modernizing the ferry operation on the route between Helsingør and Helsingborg, we want to focus on the future and zero-emission” says CEO of ForSea Ferries, Johan Röstin.

There are approximately 640 batteries onboard, and each battery weighs 90 kilos. The batteries and the attached equipment are located in four large containers on the upper deck, between the chimneys. Because of the batteries, the weight of the vessel has increased by 280 tonne.

The batteries are charged for 6 minutes when the ferry reaches Denmark, and 10 minutes when the ferry is in Sweden. This is enough for the trip across Sundet. Each crossing consumes approximately 1,175 kWh, which amounts to the consumption in an average household of one month.

Each port has towers with robot arms that automatically connect the batteries to the electrical network once the vessel reaches the dock. The electrical network charges with 10,5 kV, 600 Amp, and 10,5 MW.

The batteries have a total capacity of 4.160 kWh, which means that there is always an excess of electricity in case of a power outage, or if the crossing is taking longer than expected.

Scandlines will continue to operate the ferry routes Rødby-Puttgarden and Gedser-Rostock between Denmark and Germany. ForSeas will continue to sell tickets that combine the crossing between Sweden and Denmark with Scandlines’ crossings from Denmark to Germany.

The ferry route between the two cities Helsingør and Helsingborg will continue under the name ForSea Ferries. All ForSea ferries will be re-painted in 2019. These ferries are Tycho Brahe, Hamlet, Mercandia IV and Mercandia VIII. Aurora was the first, and has already been painted with the new colors and logo.

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