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Danish ports among the most effective

Danish ports among the most effective

13-11-2018 10:00:00

A new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that Danish ports took 6th place on the list of the world’s most effective ports. But Danish trade organisation Danske Havne wishes keep progressing, and wants to compete with the best. Therefore the organisation seeks political focus and has concrete suggestions to how Denmark reaches the top of the list in the future.

”Denmark has been a maritime superpower for a long time, and we have to continue being this in the future. But this is not a given, and we have to continue to fight for the best options for our ports, because they are the ones who help make the sea available for a large part of our exports,” says Tine Kirk Pedersen, CEO at Danske havne.

According to the latest edition of the WEF’s annual competitive report, Danish ports are the sixth best in world, and were only surpassed by ports in Singapore, Holland, Finland, Hong Kong and the US. WEF has examined 139 countries that have commercial ports, and put an emphasis on frequency, punctuality, speed, and price in their examination of how effective the ports are.

The trade organisation Danske Havne, which represents Denmark’s 64 commercial ports, is happy and satisfied with Denmarks placement on the list. But at the same time, they want to stress the possibilities of climbing higher on the list in the future.

In the past years, the World Economic Forum has not measured the effectiveness of the ports from country to country, therefore there cannot be said much about the tendency. According to Danske Havne the goal is first of to keep a good position on the list, and preferably to do even better.

According to Tine Kirk Pedersen, it wont take an awful lot to reach the goal of placing higher on the list. But it will require more political focus than we are currently seeing.

Kilde: Danske Havne

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