Brexit deal is good news for Danish shipping

Brexit deal is good news for Danish shipping

14-11-2018 10:00:00

Yesterday, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, and European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier made a deal regarding Great Britain’s departure from the EU. The deal is now waiting to be approved by the British Parliaments and EU’s state- and heads of government. This will create the needed peace for negotiating the terms of trade in the future.

"If the deal is approved, it will be an important step that will create the needed peace for the upcoming negotiations regarding the future relationship between the EU and Great Britain. This is great news for Danish shipping companies that would otherwise face an uncertain future after March next year with more customs control and a situation where EU rules would no longer ensure free and equal access to the UK market, "says Director at Danske Rederier, Jacob K. Clasen.

Before the deal that establishes the terms of Great Britain’s leaving the EU, which includes a transitional period, can be presented and adopted, it has to be approved by British ministers who will meet with EU’s state- and heads of government.

For Danish shipping companies, this means free and equal access to the British market. It entails general market entry for Danish merchant ships and especially for shipping across the English Channel using roll-on/roll-of ships, as well as servicing the offshore sector on British socket.

These conditions are essential and can only be ensured through a free trade deal, which avoids new tariff barriers as far as possible, minimizes border controls and ensures mutual recognition of certificates for employees in the maritime sector.

”It is crucial for Danske Rederier that we can ship commodities to and from Great Britain, which is the third largest market world wide for Danish shipping companies. Therefore it has to be a priority for the European Commission and the Danish government to secure the best terms for the future,” says Jacob K. Clasen.

The precise terms of the deal and the exact length of the transition period is expected to be presented after the meeting today.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Danmark

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