Povl Anker is welcome in Trelleborg Port

Povl Anker is welcome in Trelleborg Port

06-11-2018 10:00:00

After numerous cancellations, bad weather conditions, and relocating to Køge due to lack of space at a ferry slip in Ystad, Trelleborg Port, which is located 33 kilometers closer to Malmö than Ystad, has reported that it might be able to take in Povl Anker on short notices of four hours.

CEO of Trelleborg Port, Jörgen Nilsson, is ready to look at the possibility that the passenger ferry Povl Anker can anchor in Trelleborg Port when the weather is too hard for the Bornholm Line's express ferry to sail Express 1. They can take in the ferry on notice up to four hours.

On some occasions, when it has been inserted, Povl Anker has been forced to cancel departures because there has been no room for it at the ferry slip in Ystad. On these occasions all spaces have been occupied by other ferries, including those that sail to Poland, which at the time have been unable to sail due to weather conditions. Povl Anker has instead attempted to sail to Køge with great delays as a result just to avoid some of the traffic to and from Bornholm. This has resulted in a lot of criticism from passengers, because the sailing trip lasts much longer than the trip to Ystad.

”Once we meet to discuss, I believe that it can become possible. We will see if we can take in the ferry or if we have to make some adjustments in form of a ferry slip. But usually we can be ready for an extraordinary arrival in four to five hours, for example, if we have to delay another ferry to make room, "says Trelleborg Port's harbor master.

The trip from Rønne to Trelleborg is longer than to Ystad, but not more than half the trip to Køge. Trelleborg Port has eight ferry slips and plans to have more in the future.

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