Feeder ship is being emptied of containers

Feeder ship is being emptied of containers

09-11-2018 12:00:00

The feeder ship Mito Strait, which on early Monday morning went aground in a location north of Funen, is being emptied of the containers onboard. The plan is to tow the ship to Fayard Shipyard once the container ship is empty

In addition to the damages done to rudder and propeller, the hull has suffered a few cracks. During the tugging from Æbleø to Fredericia, there were also minor cases of oil slip from the container ship.

The environmental ship Marie Miljø is located near the damaged container ship, in case immediate action is needed.

Svitzer has three tugboats in Fredericia, which make up for right capacity needed to tow Milo Strait to the shipyard.

Mito Strait was sailing from Hamborg to Fredericia when the accident took place around five o’clock Monday morning.

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