22.000 protect the ocean

22.000 protect the ocean

17-10-2018 10:00:00

The Danish Defense’s marine guardians celebrates their 12 year anniversary with record breaking numbers of 2.575 new guardians, as well as a positive reception of the concept ”ocean fall”. Since 2006 the number of oil spills in Danish waters have been halved. This positive development is partly due to the marine guardians efforts.

”To have cruising sailors, surfers, part time fishermen, and all the others who stay by the sea keep an eye open is an important part of the reason”, says Lieutenant commander Frank Erland Jensen, who runs the marine guardian campaign.

This year, the Danish Defense has cooperated with a number of maritime organizations, marinas, and the Spar Nord Fund in order to fight the so-called ”ocean fall”, which is a name for the trash that is dumped in the ocean and on Danish beaches.

Over the course of this summer, more than 600.000 ocean fall-bags have been handed to the marine guardians who have actively gathered plastic, cans, waste bags and other types of trash in the ocean and on beaches.

”We are not part of the war against plastic materials, we just don’t want it around our ocean”, says Frank Erland Jensen.

Young people who want to join the guardians contact Frank numerous times a week. Amongst the 2.575 marine guardians who have joined this year more than 1.000 of them between the ages of 8 and 12 and are named Junior Marine Guardians.

Source: Forsvaret / Maritime Danmark

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