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Ørsted and WWF partners for climate cause

Ørsted and WWF partners for climate cause

28-08-2018 10:00:00

A new partnership between Ørsted, who focuses offshore wind power, and the environmental organization Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF) will focus on fighting the consequences of climate change. It is their goal to engage especially children and young adults in how to create the futures green Denmark.

"Climate change is a huge challenge for our planet. We owe it to our planet and future generations of people to change our energy systems from black to green. Us in Ørsted are convinced that it is possible, not least because green energy has become cheaper than black energy. WWF is a competent partner with a great knowledge of climate changes and green energy, who we look forward to working with, "says Henrik Poulsen, CEO of Ørsted.

The new partners will focus heavily on creating new initiatives that teaches children and young adults how to create the futures green society. Ørsted and WWF plan to show the consequences of climate change and how they affect natural areas and animal life.

With the acquired knowledge, the partners will protect climate endangered species and nature, for example by establishing ”climate refugees” where the right place and living conditions can be found for the animals in question, when the waters rises or when drought or any other extreme form of weather kicks in.

As part of the partnership, WWF will also advise Ørsted on sustainability strategy.

Source: Ørsted / Maritime Danmark

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