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Port of Rønne sets new cruise record

Port of Rønne sets new cruise record

15-08-2018 10:00:00

The Port of Rønne has just beaten its cruise record from last year, and it looks like this will continue to be a tradition. An extension of the port that will take place next year is expected to result in a 50 percent increase in the number of cruise ship passengers.

”At this moment, the 30th cruise has been counted. That is four more than we saw this time last year and the season is not over yet”, says Niels Lundberg, chief of cruise and safety, Port of Rønne.

"Last year we had 26 ships and approximately 12,500 guests. But this year we expect 43 ships and approximately 20,000 guests in total - which is a very decent progress, "says Niels Lundberg.

In 2019 the port expects the number of guests to increase with 50 percent:

"On June 1 our new 300 meter multipurpose-dock will be ready to receive larger cruise ships of up to 350 meters. This means that we estimate the numbers to be 46 ships and approximately 30,000 guests. The estimated numbers show that we expect somewhere near the same number of ships to arrive, but these will be significantly larger ships, which explains the increase in the number of visitors. "

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