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Canal Tours achieves collective agreements

Canal Tours achieves collective agreements

21-08-2018 10:00:00

SHORT NEWS: Just two days before starting a comprehensive strike that would have had a severe impact on Canal Tours in Copenhagen, the company has achieved collective agreements with Danish unions HK and Serviceforbundet. The agreements cover tour guides and ticket sellers, Avisen.dk informs.

”This is a victory for the employees. The have stood together through the entire process and this has paid of”, says René Knudsen, chairman of HK Service in Copenhagen to Avisen.dk.

The HK-agreement covers employees that work in offices and in sales. The agreements entails pension, 6 vacation weeks and pay during maternity period.

Tour guides will be covered by an agreement issued by Serviceforbundet. The agreement entails a raise, longer vacations, pensions and paid breaks.

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