Skagen Red is an attractive pit stop

Skagen Red is an attractive pit stop

09-08-2018 10:00:00

It has become attractive to drop anchor in Skagen Red. Many ships view the place as a pit stop, where they are able to collect new supplies of fresh water, do dredging, do diving examination, smaller reparations and much more.

”Skagen Red is considered a pit stop, where our job is to serve and supply both the ships and guests onboard. This could include getting them post from home or making sure that they are able to go on vacation from Aalborg Airport after a three month stay on a large bulk carrier or tanker, says CEO of Saga Shipping, Peter Møller to the magazine Maritime Danmark.

"Changing things such as the anchor is only one of the things we do with supply ships. We also supply the vessels with fresh water, do dredging, arrange diving examinations and sail repairers to the areas where various tasks are performed for the shipping companies. In addition to this we also handle custom processing, visa formalities and booking of airline tickets, "says Peter Møller.

Some of the vessels such as the very large LNG tankers from Norwegian shipping company Hoegh Lines and the Japanese K Line only stay on the outskirts of the location awaiting their turn to load up at one of the world's largest oil and gas terminals in Hammerfest in northern Norway. The ships are an impressive sight with their spherical and orange tanks that overshadows the deck. This is the case for vessels such as K Line's LNG tanker "Artic Voyager", which was anchored in the location when Maritime Denmark was touring the area with Saga Shippings "Skawlink IV"

The supply ship ”Skawlink IV” was built on Hvide Sande Shipyard in 2013. It is Saga Shippings newest and largest unit with capacity for 56 pallets and 120 tonnes fresh water. The ship has a crew of two, a skipper and a first mate. 30 men and women are employed in Saga Shipping.

The 30 employees cover warehouse work, ship crews, shipping people and administration for the most part in Skagen and partly in Kalundborg. In Kalundborg the aim is to increase tonnage, "says Peter Møller. This could become possible once the summer vacation is over.

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