Vehiclecarrier more damaged than assumed

Vehiclecarrier more damaged than assumed

26-07-2018 12:00:00

A new video recording done by an underwater robot shows that the damages done to the aground vehicle carrier Makassar Highway are more severe than previously assumed. Amongst the damages are leaks in multiple fuel tanks, though these damages causes seawater to enter the tanks and does not cause oil to leak from the tanks.

The damages are the following:

• Hole in the bow causing water to enter the front ballast tank
• Hole in the maneuvering thruster room
• Water encroachment in multiple fuel tanks
• Major damages from the bulbous bow and down the ships rear end side

On top of this, a large part of the ships flat bottom is still stuck on rocks, thus it is not possible to investigate the possible damages done to this part of the ship.

”The ship is stuck on rock ground and it will take comprehensive job before it can be pulled of this ground”, Says Roger Gebauer, rescue leader Kustbevakningen.

The Swedish authorities are now demanding that the ships bottom tank is emptied for fuel before the task of getting it off ground begins.

According to the crew, there are large amounts of oil onboard the ship:

• 333 000 liter fuel oil
• 38 000 liter lubricating oils
• 34 000 liter diesel

Within Swedish media there are currently numerous rumors regarding what caused the accident.

Västerviks-Tidningen writes, that multiple crew members have told Swedish police that the ship sailed closer to land in order to get better phone signal.

There is also a speculation that no one was on the ships bridge when the ship aground.

Though none of this information has been officially verified.

Makassar Highway, which is a Japanese owned company but registered in Panama, was on its way from Cuxhaven to Södetalje when the accident took place Monday morning. The ships AIS tracker shows that it avoided changing its course on Monday morning and continued for a long time on the wrong pad before it aground.

The vehicle carrier sailed with a speed of 14 knots when it aground. The chief officer has been arrested and charged for sailing under the influence of alcohol, being negligent and for causing pollution.

No people were injured by the accident and so far there has only been a small emission of hydraulic fuel.

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