New Samsø ferry requires 5-7 million dkr

New Samsø ferry requires 5-7 million dkr

09-07-2018 08:00:00

A new express route sailing between Aarhus and Samsø requires an annual grant of a number between 4.7 and 7 million. This is the conclusion of a the market research that the municipality of Samsø requested, in order to determine whether Samsø should have another sailing route.

A new route could potentially attract 28,500 new visitors to Samsø.

Mayor of Samsø Marcel Meier described these numbers as "within reach" and the postive derived effects as "worth pursuing" at a ferry meeting that attracted about 100 interested Samsø citizens last week, Samsø Posten writes.

The market research, which is the product of 5.000 answers to specific questions, estimated that the traffic number for passengers and bicycles onboard the express ferry would amount to 161.000 passengers annually.

A large part of these passengers are people who currently travel on the existing route between Hou and Sælvig. 36.000 walking passengers and 56.000 passengers onboard in cars prefer a new direct route between Hou and Aarhus, according to the research that was done by Inzights.

The economic consequences for the existing route are part of the calculations, but the positive affects of extending the purchase of a new and larger ferry for the Sælvig-Hou route is not part of the calculations, according to Samsø Shipping Ferry Director, Carsten Kruse.

The point of the market research has been the inauguration of a ferry of approximately 33 meters with room for 150 passengers and 50 bicycles. The ferry should be of a well-known design with two diesel engines of 1000 kw/each that can assure the ships keeps a service speed of 27 knots. The ferry must sail under Danish flag and be HSC approved.

The research named the price for a single ticket to be 90 Danish kroner during low season and 130 during high season, while the price for passengers who own island-cards will be 50 kroner all year around.

The annual number of trips will be 1736 single trips, spread with up to five double trips in July and 2 during low season. The route takes 60 minutes to sail.

The overall calculation shows that it will require a grant of 7 million annually for the ferry to operate successfully. However, this number could be reduced to 4.7 million if the average price for a ticket per passengers increases by 15 kroner, the research shows.

The ferry will result in having 28,500 new visitors to Samsø who will spend money on the island. According to Visit Denmark's estimate, these visitors will bring 38 million kroner to the island, according to the market research.

Source: Samsø Posten / Maritime Danmark

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