Coats Guard Ships to be built in Norway

Coats Guard Ships to be built in Norway

26-06-2018 16:00:00

The Norwegian Armed forces has decided to order three new Coast Guard vessels of the Nordkapp class from Vard Langsten. The order has a total value of 5,2 billion Norwegian kroner. Only Norwegian shipyards had access to gibe their offer on the order.

The hulls will be built in Vard’s own yard i Rumania – Vard Tulcea. The completion will take place in Norway and the three ships will e delivered to the Coast Guard in the first quarter of the years; 2022, 2023 and 2024.

The 136 meter long and 22 meter wide ships will be equipped with traditional propulsion, which has lead to criticisms of the ships. Critics have pointed out that the propulsion and emission field has witnessed a lot of progress since the ships were projected back in 2013.

With a displacement of 9,800 tons, the new ships are significantly larger than the current coastguard ships that have a displacement of 3,200 tons.


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