Environmentalist criticises cruise ships

Environmentalist criticises cruise ships

19-06-2018 11:00:00

Cruise tourism is booming - also in Danish harbors - but big ships are dangerous to the surroundings, according to the Danish organization Det Økologiske Råd (the Ecological Council). It is the smoke that prevails from the ships that can become a health risk, the organization believes.

The CEO of the Port of Aarhus believes this claim to be false.
Aarhus expects to take in about 100,000 cruise ship tourists this year which will set a new record. But the popular holiday form is unhealthy for residents near the harbor because of the discharge from the big ships, says the Ecological Council:

"Pollution from cruise ships has been shown to lead to very high levels of ultrafine particles that are carcinogenic and increase the risk of cardiac diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and smoker’s lungs," says Kåre Press-Kristensen, Senior Advisor at the Ecological Council, according to TV2 East Jutland .

The big ships have diesel engines to operate in daytime when they are in port to create electricity for consumption onboard that can correspond to consumption in 1,500 to 2,000 apartments.

But according to the port director, pollution is not a problem in Aarhus.

"Aarhus University measures emissions around the city, and when three ships arrives such as the case last Friday, we can confirm that the measurements do not show any deterioration in air quality," says Director of the Port of Aarhus, Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen, to TV2 East Jutland.

Land power is better for the environment, but 80 percent of the cruise ships that arrive at Danish harbors can not receive land power, and there is no expectation that new ships will be able to do so, says the CEO of the Port of Aarhus.

Source: TV2 Østjylland / Maritime Danmark

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