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Ørsted sells last non Danish power station

Ørsted sells last non Danish power station

12-06-2018 15:00:00

Ørsted has made a deal of selling its 50 percent stake in the Dutch power station Enecogen located in Rotterdam, to a fully owned subsidiary of Castleton Commodities International LLC. The deal includes certain usual conditions and is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2018.

"Enecogen is a very well functioning gas-fired power station and one of the most efficient in Europe. The divestment is part of Ørsted's strategy of disposing of non-core assets and instead focuse solely on green energy, "says Jasper Vis, Ørsted's country manager in Holland.

When the divestment is completed, Ørsted no longer owns any power plants outside Denmark. In Denmark, Ørsted owns and operates seven Combined Heat and Power Plant’s (CHP), two reserve stations that generate heat, and a reserve station that produces electricity. Most of the CHP’s have been o rare in the midst of being converted from operating on fossil fuel to operating on sustainable biomass.

The power plant Enecogen in Rotterdam has a capacity of 870 MW and can produce electricity for 1.4 million Dutch homes. It is the most efficient gas-fired power plant in the Netherlands and one of the most efficient in Europe. So far, Eneco and Ørsted have each had a 50 percent stake.

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