Brand new members fire christened at sea

Brand new members fire christened at sea

30-05-2018 12:00:00

A practicing night at sea with a team of training attendees at the Marine Home Guard in Kalundborg took a steady turn when the reality knocked on the door and the crew had to do a real task for the Danish Defense

A crew of 13 men/women was on Tuesday evening out on a beautiful night trip, and a couple of them were brand new members - also called educational guests.

The new members, who had to prepare for the Marine Home Guard's course in seamanship; 'Deck ride', joined the crew to get some experience and to attend the discipline 'man overboard' and ‘Establishment of blockers' when the vessel, MHV 912 Holger Danske, got a call from the Defense Operations Center.

"It was a 30-foot motor sailor who had problems with its engine in the Great Belt," says the captain, Lieutenant Flemming Buch, who, of course, immediatly ended the evenings drills and set course towards the unfortunate sailor.

Holger Danske was doing drills in Kalundborg Fjord, and there was an hour of sailing out to the casualty, which was located near 'Route Tango' - the deep-water route for heavy ship traffic - close to Hatter Barn off the coast of Samsø.

"We have now established a tow and are pulling the three men and their boat to Nyby Harbour in Røsnæs, and they are quite happy and satisfied," says Flemming Buch during a phonecall from Holger Danske regarding this evening's dramatic effort that took place in calm weather.

And seeing as the event was not more dramatic than this, Flemming Buch is happy to have had these extra experiences for the new trainees.

"It turned out to be a very good evening where they've tried something different and it's a good experience to have," the captain says, who did have to extend the evening for his crew with a few hours. But all in all it was a good evening.

Source: Marinehjemmeværnet / Maritime Danmark

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