Danish start-up to increase sea-safety

Danish start-up to increase sea-safety

24-05-2018 11:45:00

KMD has invested in the Danish start-up company Scoutbase, who in close cooperation with DFDS are in the process of developing a digital communication system, which will help create better safety on sea before ships sail of.

Scoutbase are in the midst of developing a communication and reporting system that will continuously provide land-based staff members with insights into the challenges experienced by sailing staff on the daily which could ultimately lead to accidents on board.

Function wise, the digital solution works by asking staff members a line of questions and then quantifies the answers. This could for example work by making sure all tasks are reported and thereby indentifying all problematic areas that could potentially harm safety onboard.

"Today, there is no systematic way of covering and dealing with large amounts of information about daily tasks and what it is that pushes seamen to do their best. Therefore, it is difficult to create a dialogue about possible models of solutions that can help and prevent these challenges, "says Mads Ragnvald Nielsen, CEO of Scoutbase, and further elaborates:

"Scoutbase will help highlighting seafarers challenges and the areas where they are experiencing success on the daily, so that land-based staff members have the best conditions for supporting operations at sea and the seafarers has the best groundwork for carrying out their work safely and effectively. By highlighting the issues we get the opportunity to become more efficient for when we need to do something about them and we will not have to wait for the accident to happen before learning from it, "he says.

DFDS has partnered up to develop the system and are part of both the research and pilot faze and will be testing and trying out the system onboard their ships.

"We are constantly working on improving ourselves. That is the reason we are looking at opportunities to improve and develop our security so that we do not have accidents. We have joined the project because we think it is interesting to investigate what type of new tools there are to enhance the safety onboard the ships even further, "says Jakob Lynge, Marine Superintendent in Marine Department at DFDS, who works with safety and security on DFDS 'ships.

KMD Venture, a subsidiary of the KMD-concern, are looking forward to helping with developing the system:

"There are many exciting digitization efforts currently taking place in the maritime field. One of the most important focus areas is how digitization can lead to a more safe and efficient shipping. That is why we are pleased that, with our investment in Scoutbase, we can help a start-up company that has a great potential within that area, "says Niklas Marschall, CEO of KMD Venture A / S.

The Danish Maritime Fond is also funding the project.

Source: KMD A/S / Maritime Danmark

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