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The Maritime Authority gets three addresses

The Maritime Authority gets three addresses

15-05-2018 15:00:00

As it was made clear back in February that the Danish Maritime Authority will not get one address under the same roof in Korsør, a plan is now in the works that places the board's employees at three different addresses at the waterfront.

"We are very happy that we are coming to a final solution. With the expected central location of the domicile, we will have a strong maritime presence at the port of Korsør, and this is something we look forward to, "says Andreas Nordseth, Director of the Danish Maritime Authority.

The current status for the work is that the Danish Building and Property Agency is in the midst of talking with the municipality of Slagelse about the planned conditions in relation to the reconstruction of the Danish Maritime Authority's operating centre and they are in communication with the municipality of Slagelse about signing a lease agreement for Korsør city hall and police station. The Danish Building and Property Agency has also been in negotiations concerning the acquisition of J. Poulsen's building on Batterivej 7-11 located right across from the Danish Maritime Authority's operating centre.

"Maritime has always been an important part of Korsør's identity, and that is why we look forward to bringing the entire Danish Maritime Authority to here. The former town hall in Korsør has a prominent location in the city, and we look forward to making this important board a part of the city, "says John Dyrby Paulsen, mayor of Slagelse Municipality (A).

All employees are expected to be working from a desk in Korsør in mid-2019.

Source: Søfartsstyrelsen / Maritime Danmark

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