The result maintains despite less activity

The result maintains despite less activity

09-05-2018 11:00:00

Danpilot exited 2017 with a receding turnover due to less shipping, but have increased their operating result and maintains a surplus of nearly 19 million Danish kroner. The company are expecting a small decrease in revenues for 2018, but an unchanged surplus.

Danpilot had a decline of 5.4 percent of shipped nautical miles in 2017, which corresponds to a decline of 85,000 nautical miles. This is partly due to the current competition on transit shipments, but also because of a decreasing activity of oil shipment from Russian ports, especially in the second quarter, the company writes in its annual report.

However, for the first time in several years, 2017 showed a slight increase in harbour shipments, which unfortunately remains deficit of 26.3 million kroner. This deficit was more than outweighed by a surplus on the transit segment of 41.1 million Danish kroner and a small profit in the services segment of 0.5 million kroner.

The results for ports and transit segments are affected by the preparedness that Danpilot must maintain for the purpose of universal service, the company points out, which indicates the year's performance as satisfactory.

The result for primary operation rose from 10,9 million kroner to 15,3 million kroner in 2017, despite a minor decrease in revenues from 411,2 million kroner to 407 million kroner. The revenue is spreads out with 69 percent on the transit segment, approximately 27 percent on the harbour segment and roughly 4 percent on the service segment.

The annual result came in at 10,2 million Danish kroner – 1 percent better than in 2016.

Source: Danpilot / Maritime Danmark

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