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Stena Lines ferries are becoming more green

Stena Lines ferries are becoming more green

08-05-2018 11:00:00

In 2016, Stena Line presented an ambitious strategy of more sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly improvements. The shipping company continues to live up to the promises of their sustainability strategy, a new evaluation of the company’s achievements for 2017 shows.

"As the world's largest ferry company with over 28,000 departures each year, we have a big responsibility to do everything we can to conduct our business in the most sustainable way possible. We keep taking small and big steps towards becoming a leader in sustainable shipping operations, and we are therefore very pleased with this year's evaluation, "says Erik Lewenhaupt, Head of Sustainability at Stena Line.

Aside from reducing sulfur emissions, usage of plastic and occurrences of work relatable accidents Stena Line has accomplished goals such as reducing the total amount of garbage waste by 8 percent, plugged two additional ferries to land power and implemented a new policy, which has the purpose of fighting harassment and promoting equality in the organization.

The ferry company’s sustainability strategy is base don FN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which focuses on four areas; Sustainable energy, responsible consumption and production, life below water and good health and well being. For each area Stena Line has set a list of specific goals to be achieved.

In 2017 Stena Line achieved the following results:

15 percent less sulfur emission per nautical mile, 2,1 percent less CO2 emission per nautical sea mile and two additional ferries plugged to land power in the port of Trelleborg Havn.

The use of plastic has been reduced, partly due to a reduction of 15 percent in sales of plastic bags purchased onboard the ferries, and partly by switching to bio plastic bags made from sugar beet.

The total amount of waste garbage has been reduced by 8 percent. The amount of garbage being used for energy production and recyclables has increased, while the cut to garbage deposition has been reduced.

The new positive development of reduction in work accidents onboard as well as Lost Time Injury Frequency has resulted in a reduction from 1,6 percent in 2016 to 0,6 percent in 2017.

A campaign with the purpose of improving a workers focus on passenger safety has also been completed.

Source: Stena Line / Maritime Denmark

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