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DMF: Great atmosphere but fewer visitors

DMF: Great atmosphere but fewer visitors
Photo: Carsten Lundager

07-05-2018 09:00:00

The good weather accompanied the Danish Maritime Fair, which took place this week in brilliant sunshine at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen. The sunlight shined beautifully through the many windows, and contributed to the mood in a positive manner, despite the fact that fewer visitors showed up.

"The number of visitors has not been fully counted yet, as various registration systems were in use because of the many fair - and meeting activities. But there is no doubt that the number of visitors was significantly lower this time," says Martin Uhlenfeldt, chief person in charge of the fair and partner in Maritime Denmark.

He estimates that the number of visitors this year is somewhere around one fourth below the number at last year’s fair, which took place in October 2016.

"Especially the last day of the fair, Friday, the number of visitors was disappointing", says Martin Uhlenfeldt.

"It is our job to create value for the customers, the exhibitors, and the number of visitors is an important parameter in this context. We have to admit that this task did not succeed well enough this time," says Uhlenfeldt, who states that the fair had roughly 4,600 visitors in 2016.

"We will now meet and evaluate the fair together with our exhibitors and partners, and determine how to get back on the growth track. What we can do differently and better. But there is no doubt that we will be back with a new fair in 2 years - and that it will be in week 20 of 2020 ", says Martin Uhlenfeldt.

At this point, he will not guess as to why the number of visitors fell this year.

"Now we are going to evaluate the entire project and then make the necessary adjustments. We will not point fingers at anyone or anything, except that we bear the determining final responsibility."

"Danish Maritime Fair is part of the Danish Maritime Days, which did not do as well this year compared to the previous years. If the Danish Maritime Days is to continue, which is something we defiantly believe it should, than it is important to create a train that can pull the event back and fourth. This job can not be done by a single fair.” Says Martin Uhlenfeldt.

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