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The Port of Esbjerg celebrates 150 birthday

The Port of Esbjerg celebrates 150 birthday
Port of Esbjerg in 1874. Esbjerg Local Archives

24-04-2018 12:00:00

Today on April 24, it is exactly 150 years ago since Rigsdagen in 1968 decided to establish the Port of Esbjerg. Back then, Esbjerg as a city consisted of two farms, three houses and 23 residents. Today the port is an international centre point for 200 companies and approximately 10.000 jobs.

"The course is set for Esbjerg to celebrate its birthday and anniversary year with a good deal of optimism, and with a firm belief that the future will create great opportunities for the port and its businesses," said Flemming N. Enevoldsen, chairman of the Port of Esbjerg in connection with the port's annual meeting on 20 March.

The reason for the establishment of the port was Denmark’s defeat to Prussia in the war in 1864. During the war, Denmark lost all its West End export ports, and this created problems for the farming business’ export of meat and butter to England. The solution to this problem became the Port of Esbjerg, which was finalized in 1874.

The port quickly became significant for export of farming goods to Great Brittain. Later the port became associated with fishing, and already in 1910 the Port of Esbjerg was Denmark’s largest fishing port with more than 600 fishing cutters. Today the Port of Esbjerg is the worlds leading departure port for wind turbines. Three out of four exported wind turbines to the North Sea goes through the port.

At the same time the port is a base for the Danihs oil and gas industry, and is an international centre point for transport with six fixed roll-on/roll-of routes.

The Port of Esbjerg Harbor celebrates its birthday satisfied with being in great shape. The port’s 2017 results are the best ever for the port, and reflects an steady increasing activity level. Therefore, the port invested 239.5 million Danish kroner in new infrastructure last year, for instance in the East Harbor, where 250,000 m2 was put into service in 2017.

The birthday is marked by an sold out anniversary party in the Esbjerg Music House today. In addition to this, thoughout the year a number of events related to the anniversary will be held, for example. St. Johns Eve on June 23 and Tall Ships Races between the 18th-21th of July.

Source: Esbjerg Havn / Maritime Denmark

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