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Offshore wind power for 800.000 households

Offshore wind power for 800.000 households
Energy, Utilities and Climate Ministers Lars Chr. Lilleholt (Venstre)

23-04-2018 11:00:00

The danish government has presented their idea of building the world's largest offshore wind farm, which will supply 800,000 households with offshore wind power. The proposal has been received positively, but several political parties desire to build more parks.

The proposal of an enormous offshore wind farm is a step towards Denmark achieving its goal of getting 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy.
The offshore wind farm, which is part of the government's forthcoming plan for energy sourcing, will be one of the world's largest of its kind, but it has not yet been decided where it should be located.

The plan has been received positively, but several political parties claim that there is not being done enough.

"The Socialist People’s Party of Denmark would like a much more ambitious plan. This is necessary if we really want to expand the renewable energy. We believe that need at least three offshore wind farms is necessary, and we cannot wait until 2027. We have to start right now, "says The Socialist People’s Party of Denmark chairman Pia Olsen Dyhr according to dr.dk.

The conservative party wants to have three new offshore wind farms installed by 2030, says group leader Mette Abildgaard, according to Ritzau.

Energy, Utilities and Climate Ministers Lars Chr. Lilleholt (Venstre) agrees that more has to be done, but wants to wait until 2022 to begin taking charge of it. While speaking to Danish radio news station, Radioavisen, the minister pointed out that the price of offshore wind turbines is decreasing and that is why the government is waiting to install more parks.

The enormous offshore wind farm will be able to deliver so much power that it corresponds to the consumption in Denmark's eight largest cities together.

At the same time, the government will begin research to see where future offshore wind farms can be placed. These offshore wind farms should be able to produce 10 giga watt power, or more than 10 times, as the new enormous wind farm.

Source: DR / Maritime Denmark

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