Naval Academy moves to new residency

Naval Academy moves to new residency

18-04-2018 09:00:00

79 years of residency in Nyholmen ended this Friday for the Royal Danish Naval Academy with a large array of old cadets and a ceremony of taking down the flag. Exactly at 12:00 on Friday, April 13, the flag was taken down at the Academy in Nyholmen.

The Royal Navy's marching band marched through the streets and led the way for students and teachers across the railway bridge to Svanemøllens barracks, where the school in the future will be closely linked to the Royal Danish Air Force Academy, the Defense Language Academy, and the Defense Academy staff and institutes.

On Friday, the Naval Academy ended its residency at Holmen, while on Monday, cadets and teachers settled at the Defense Academy to become part of the campus with departments such as the Air Force Academy. The academy’s new headquarters is completely renovated, and with a huge anchor on the corner and two navy cannons at the main staircase, the place has a maritime expression.

Being founded 317 years ago, the Royal Danish Naval Academy is the world's oldest of its kind. Svanemøllen’s barracks will be the eighth place to house the Naval Academy since its establishment in 1701.

Source: Forsvaret / Maritime Denmark

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