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Blasting a concrete silo goes wrong

Blasting a concrete silo goes wrong

09-04-2018 16:00:00

The blasting of a concrete silo at Vordingborg Port did not go as planned.The 53 meter tall silo fell the wrong direction and collapsed on the local library. The incident took place on Friday, but the manager in charge of the operation could today still not explain what had went wrong.

“We have taken and collected photos and now we have to assess whether the operation plan, which was the central part in getting permission to blast the silo, has been followed and partly whether there was any flaws in the operation plan. We have hired an external consultant to help us, "says Mads Justesen, Police Commissioner in Næstved Police department.

The safe distance at the location of the blasting was set at 125 meter from the silo, therefore no people were injured when it fell the wrong direction.

The police department can not yet tell when the cause of the incident is discovered.

Watch a video of the incident below:

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