Environment survey in Port of Aarhus

Environment survey in Port of Aarhus

05-04-2018 15:00:00

The people in charge of the Port of Aarhus have plans to extend the port towards the eastern side of the port. The extension, which is expected to occur in the third stage, is under environmental assessment. The last stage is expected to be finalized in approximately 40 years.

The extension named ”Yderhavnen” (translated ”Outer Port”) is part of a deal concerning port areas close to cities, which the Port of Aarhus has given up for the city to build on.

"We are close to finalizing the port's current master plan from 1997. On behalf of the entire company, I can proudly say that the forecasts and the vision has proven to stick. We are currently working on the last stage, moving the ferry terminal away from the city and out to the eastern side of the port. The Outer Port is an extension of the East port. This thus fulfils the wish that the port is moved into the sea - and away from the city, "says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen, CEO of the Port of Aarhus.

The CEO stresses that the current areas of the port are at capacity for activity, and that the Port of Aarhus has given up no less than 600.000 square feet of sea area to the city. In the first run, the Port of Aarhus wishes to extend the port by 300.000 square feet, in the first stage, which is expected to be completed in 2030.

The next two stages will measure respectively 650.000 and 450.000 square feet and are expected to be done first in 2048, and secondly in 2060. The environmental assessment, which the Port of Aarhus asked for, will investigate all relevant environmental issues concerning the extension. This process will take several years, and will be the topic of many hearings.

"The Outer Port is a prerequisite for the city and the port's continued growth. It will be located a great distance from the city of Aarhus, and at the same time it is possible to provide space for a water purification plant at the port extension instead of next to Tangkrogen. Therefore, I am convinced that such a solution that fits everyone will be positively received by most. But of course, there is always resistance to be found somewhere "says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

Source: Aarhus Havn / Maritime Denmark

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