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New record for Hanstholm Havn in 2017

New record for Hanstholm Havn in 2017

21-03-2018 15:00:00

In 2017, Hanstholm Harbor statet its position as Denmark’s largest and also one of Northern Europe's largest ports for consumer fish. Including industrial fish, the harbors turnover of fish reached 1 billion Danish kroner. The harbors gross profit rose by seven percent to 26.8 million DKK.

The financial net profit fell by 2 percent compared to the previous record year 2016 to 9.8 million DKK in 2017. According to the harbor, the marginal decline in profits should be viewed as a natural consequence of the investments made by Hanstholm Port in connection with the extensive expansion of the harbor and improvements in existing facilities.

"2017 became one of the absolute most important years in the harbor's 50-year history. In the anniversary year we had a very extensive supply and started the large expansion of the harbor which cost over 500 million kroner. Thus, after several years of improvements, we have proven that we can and will invest in the future, stated Chairman Martin Vestergaard.

"At the same time, we have built on the harbor's organic development through new investments and new initiatives, and our core business - fish - reached 1 billion DKK in annual turnover."Martin Vestergaard added.

Hanstholm Port plans to become Northern Europe's leading consumer fishing harbor. The recent extension of the harbor, which includes new outer mills, increased depth in the waters and more than 150,000 square meters of new hinterland landings, will surely help the harbor towards reaching this goal.

At yesterdays board meeting, the Board of Directors could confirm that the large construction project is on schedule - both in terms of budget and time.

Hanstholm Havn expects the financial results of 2018 to be similar to 2017.

Source: Hanstholm Havn / Maritime Denmark

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