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Crewmembers exposed to toxic fumes

Crewmembers exposed to toxic fumes

09-03-2018 08:45:00

Smoke from the extensive fire onboard Maersk Honam is feared to have poisoned all the evacuated crew rescued onboard the container ship ALS Ceres and will therefore be sailed to Cochin in India. According to recent reports, the mission of putting out the fire is still ongoing.

The Indian coast guard fears that all the 23 evacuated crewmembers from Maersk Honam have been exposed to toxic fumes from the burning containers onboard the vessel.

"The containers held flammable liquids and solids, oxidizing drugs, poisonous materials and acid substances that must not come into contact with the human body," says Avinandan Mitra, Deputy Commander of the Indian Coast Guard, to The Hindu newspaper.

"Our suspicion is that all crewmembers have been exposed to toxic fumes" He said to the paper..

Yesterday, Maersk Line announced that one of the evacuated crewmembers had died due to injuries. Yesterday, the shipping company announced that three crewmembers had been transferred from ALS Ceres to a coastguard to obtain faster medical care as their condition deteriorated.

On Thursday, Maersk Line stated that four crewmembers have been reported missing after the incident and that the hope of finding them is fading.

Maersk Line has confirmed that the vessel was carrying dangerous freight.

"Maersk Line can confirm that Maersk Honam was carrying dangerous freight on board, but it is to early to say what caused the fire and there is no evidence that the dangerous freight is the cause. Maersk Line will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident to clarify the cause and, if necessary, change our rules, "Maersk Line wrote in an email to Maritime Denmark on Thursday.

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