Yet another Danish Coaster has been sold

Yet another Danish Coaster has been sold

02-03-2018 12:00:00

The shipping company Venus Shipping headquartered in Vestbjerg in Vendsyssel has sold the last vessel in the fleet of Danish flagged vessels, and for the first time since 1937 the company owns no Danish flagged vessels. The sale of the coaster Dan Fighter comes after the vessel has had 14 years under a Danish flag and an acknowledgement that the ship is too small for traditional shipping operations. Instead, the shipping company Venus continues to invest in larger tonnage under foreign flags.

Dan Fighter has been sold to a Scottish / German company and has thus cut ties with the Danish flag after 14 years of sailing with Aalborg as the operating port. The decision is due to the ship being too small for regular shipping operations and has therefore been for sale for a few months. Before the purchase, the new owners had taken the vessel on time charter at a special speed on the Scottish west coast.

"We set the vessel for sale few months ago, and when the Scottish operator expressed enthusiasm for the vessel during the time charter, we suggested that they buy the vessel. This developed into real negotiations where we met on both ends and a contract was signed that ended with clipping and takeover in Riga in Latvia. This way the vessel was sold "properly", "says Tom Kristensen, shipping company Venus Shipping.

"Our need for tonnage is clearly visible in larger units than Dan Fighters 1.275 DWT. The ships we have invested with our Norwegian partners are clearly in larger segments. They range from 3,000 DWT and up to around 4,500 DWT on the largest units. I do not expect us to purchase ships smaller then this in the future. This is based on a cost profile where unloading and many other expenses incurred in operating a vessel, are too big for a small ship to follow. Unfortunately, that is the case these days, "says Tom Kristensen.

Dan Fighter was shipped of to its new owners after being in a shipyard in Riga. Once the vessel was ready for delivery, it had been changed to CEG Universe in order to be able sail under Latvian flag with Riga as the operating port. The new owner is the German company m.s. CEG Universe G.m.b.H & K / G headquartered in Hamburg (Fehn Management), owned 50/50 by Germans and Scotts.

The Scottish partners do daily operations, and the ship sails in the waters west of Scotland. It is engaged in all manner of sailing with goods along the coast from Kyle of Lochalsh in the north to Ayr in the south and with drop offs in for example Kilroot in Northern Ireland. This includes, cut wood which is moved with CEG Universe and ship-owner CEG Cosmos, which sails at the same speed.

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