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Michel barnier will be visiting Thyborøn

Michel barnier will be visiting Thyborøn

01-03-2018 10:00:00

European Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union, Michel Barnier, will be visiting Thyborøn harbor to talk about the many issues facing the fisheries sector with the effects of Brexit

Barnier's appearance is a great sign as it shows that the fisheries sector's terms taken seriously in the EU's Brexit negotiations. Barnier has a lot of knowlegde of the fisheries sector as he was France's Minister of Fisheries 2007-2009

Thyborøn harbor and the other major fishing ports, which are heavily exposed to fish from British waters, are ready to clarify the importance of protecting this section of work. The number of fishermen in Danish ports is likely to be reduced as a result of Brexit.

The recently published report, made available by Copenhagen Economics, demonstrates very clearly that major changes will occur, as a result of Brexit, and will cause very serious damage to the unique interaction between the sector's actors, who are the prerequisite for the significant contribution the fisheries sector provides the Danish economy and which acts as the foundation of the region's business community.

In addition to this, several analyzes made by the University of Copenhagen and Aalborg, which, taking various potential outcomes of the negotiations into consideration, show that Brexit will have very serious economic consequences for the fisheries sector. So Thyborøn has facts in ready in order to secure the fisheries sector's position on the EU priority list for the Brexit negotiations.

Source: Danske Havne / Maritime Denmark

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