Færgen lays off 400 employees

Færgen lays off 400 employees

22-02-2018 14:00:00

Tuesday, approximately 400 employees in the Danish shipping company Færgen received a letter of resignation, Annette Timmermann, Press Coordinator at Færgen, has told Danish news station TV2 / Bornholm. The resignations are due to the fact that the Moslinjen te is going to take over the ferry routes to Bornholm on September 1 this year.

According to Molslinjen / Bornholmlinjen’s CEO, Carsten Jensen, it is still too early to speak on how many jobs there will be for the separate categories. However, out of the 300 employees somewhere close to 250 will be at sea and while the remaining 50 employees will be on land.

Færgen will be moving their headquarters from Rønne to Svendborg. The company has offered some of the employees in Bornholm to move along with them to Svendborg. Several have already accepted the offer. Færgen expects to require an additional 16-18 employees in southern Funen.

Moslinjen has already posted several management positions on the website bornholmslinjen.dk. The deadline for applying is February 25th. There will be more job posts in the course of February and March. The rest of the job positions will be posted over the course of 2018 and until the beginning of 2019.

"When we take over, we are no longer in high season. Also, we will be using some of our "own people" from the Kattegat route in the beginning, people who know our concept, to get the operation up and running. This means that not everyone will be employed immediately. Some wont be employed before spring 2019, "says Communications Manager Jesper Maack at Mollinjen to TV2 / Bornholm.

Source: TV2/Bornholm / Maritime Denmark

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