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Peter Madsenís submarine close to collisions

Peter Madsenís submarine close to collisions

24-01-2018 14:00:00

More frightening details in the case of the murder of Kim Wall, which the prosecutors believe were carefully planned, are revealed. Besides homicide charges, Peter Madsen face for two serious violations of sea security laws, as his submarine almost collided with a cargo vessel and a cruise ship during the incident.

According to the prosecutor, the homicide accused Peter Madsen put lives at risk with his submarine Nautilus, when he sail dangerously close to a cargo vessel on the night of August 10th 2017. The risk of collision would have had serious consequences for the people onboard on the cargo vessel. Furthermore, the submarine also put a cruise ship in danger, to the point that the vessel was forced to change course.

The alleged reckless sailing happened within the same time period as Peter Madsen abused and murdered his only fellow passenger, the Swedish journalist Kim Wall. According to the prosecutions, the murder took place between 22:00 on August 10th and 10:00 on August 11th.

A little more than two hours before Peter Madsen's submarine Friday at 02.30 was reported missing, a cargo ship nearly collided with it just north of the ōresund Bridge off the island of Saltholm. This information was revealed after authorities asked the public for information about the submarine's where about in the period between Thursday evening and Friday morning.

"It was extremely close to a collision. The submarine crossed the sailing direction as close as 30 meters ahead of us. It was pitch dark and I only saw the submarine because of the moonlight, " an unnamed witness revealed to avtonbladet.se on Sunday, August 13th.

The prosecutorís office is demanding Peter Madsenís submarine confiscated with further plans of destruction.

Source: Maritime Denmark

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