Brian Mikkelsen:"We have to be in the top 3"

Brian Mikkelsen:

22-01-2018 11:00:00

Before the government makes their maritime sector development plan public later today, Minister of Industry, Brian Mikkelsen, decided to tell TV 2 News that Denmark has to be in top 3 on the list of the world's largest maritime nations. The plan consists of 37 concrete initiatives

"We have to be in the top three on the list of the largest maritime nations. And we will climb that list in a very short time." Said Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen in an interview with TV 2 News this morning.

Denmark has recently moved to the 6th place on the list, measured by the operated tonnage, and we have moved one spot up from last year, the latest survey from IHS MARKIT shows.

Prior to announcing the government's plan for development in the Danish maritime industry, he spoke on how he was pleased that the removal of the registration fees on merchant ships has already taken effect.

"With the elimination of the registration fee, we have removed what was once a major problem when shipping companies had to choose a quality flag. The elimination will enhance the attractiveness of the Danish International Ship Register (DIS) and result in more ships that carry the Danish flag in oceans' worldwide. I view Maersk's announcement about the flagging of several new ships under Danish flag, as the first concrete proof of this. So I am very pleased to be a minister today, "says Brian Mikkelsen.

"The government has presented a good plan for economic growth in the maritime sector. Denmark has reasonable maritime conditions, but it is nevertheless necessary to make adjustments as we go along in order to maintain competitiveness. Therefore, it is great that the government has prepared a plan for economic growth and that we have our hands busy in different departments. Good conditions make it possible for us to ensure that a large proportion of our activities take place in Denmark, and we will bring larger ships to Danish soil in the future. "Says Anders Würtzen, Head of Public Affairs in AP Møller-Maersk in a press release from the Ministry of Business.

The government has already followed multiple recommendations by the team responsible for the Economic Growth Plan. Amongst these are extensions of the DIS tax settlement to crews on offshore ships, and as earlier, a mentioned removal of the registration fee for the loading of merchant ships.

The minister did not want give a specific number of how many new jobs the plan will provide in the sector in the interview with TV 2 News.

"Today there are approximately 60,000 employed in the Danish maritime industry, with everyone around 100,000 and I think the plan will result in more employment and more earnings. We can't say exactly how many jobs there will be. Is it a thousand or is it five thousand? But I am certain that when we look at next year, there will be more, "said Brian Mikkelsen to TV 2 News.

Source: Maritime Denmark

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