Cruiseship passengers sleeps in Copenhagen

Cruiseship passengers sleeps in Copenhagen

15-01-2018 09:30:00

Every now and then, cruise ship passengers are accused of neglecting Copenhagen and only spending a couple of hours gathering around the Little Mermaid Statue once they reach the city. But in reality this is far from true.

In fact nearly half a million cruise passengers spend one or more nights in the capital city, Standby.dk writes.

In 2017, nearly 246.00 passengers boarded cruise ships in Copenhagen, and the most of them spend one or more nights in the city’s hotels. 243.000 came back to stay in Denmark after the cruise. Some only stayed a day or two, while others spend a week in the city as part of a good deal on the hotel.

When 3000 passengers don’t return, it is not because they are fed up with Copenhagen. There are actually quite a lot of people who board cruse ships in Copenhagen and sail across the Atlantic Ocean, and then catch a flight back to their home country.

Last year, approximately 350.000 passengers arrived by ship, where most of the ships arrive and stay in Langelinje, and this is what causes a problem, according to critics. The passengers get of and go for a short tour of Copenhagen, end up in Tivoli, and head back to the ship in time for dinner. As a result of this they do not spend a lot of money while on land.

According to standby.dk’s survey, statistics on cruise passengers' consumption in Copenhagen should be viewed with the greatest reservations, as it is probably a bit higher than previously assumed.

Source: standby.dk / Maritime Denmark

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