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Esvagt keeps Nobelwind and Belwind running

Esvagt keeps Nobelwind and Belwind running

11-12-2017 09:00:00

Esvagt’s latest newbuilding, Esvagt Mercator, was named on the 1st of December 2017 in Oostende, Belgium by godmother Stine Würtz Jepsen. Esvagt Mercator has recently indicated a 10-year contract as Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for more then 100 wind turbines in Belgian waters.

"Esvagt Mercator is the latest development in our proven SOV concept and an example of the innovation created in a very giving collaboration with MHI Vestas. Collaboration and partnership in new, innovative solutions will help us reach our goals of lower costs of renewable energy, "says Chief Commercial Officer Søren Karas.

The contract for servicing the 50 turbines at Nobelwind in Belgium's newest offshore windmill farm and the 55 turbines at Belwind 1 ensures that the cooperation continues between MHI Vestas Offshore Wind and Esvagt.

In extension of the naming ceremony, Esvagts crew and MHI Vestas technicians told the many attending guests about seven years of joint operational experience with Esvagt Supporter at Belwind 1 and of their common interest to continue to develop their good working relationship.

Source: Esvagt / Maritime Denmark

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