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Recruitment: Maritime industry is too negative

Recruitment: Maritime industry is too negative

16-11-2017 15:00:00

Too many negative messages from and about the maritime industry have helped to scare the young people away. "Instead, we should point out all the positive things in the maritime industry in order to attract young people," John Ibsen, Metal Maritime, stated at today's maritime conference at Christiansborg.

The need to attract more young people to maritime professions has been one of today's focus areas at the maritime conference, where the chairman of Danske Rederier, Claus V. Hemmingsen, promised to provide an internship guarantee as part of an overall maritime package.

John Ibsen, secretary party in Metal Maritime, gave his thanks and called for closer cooperation across the various organizations and companies in the industry, if it would be possible to attract more young people.

"If we as a maritime industry want to attract young people, we need to be straight to the point about telling what they will get from it. It has become too complicated to choose an education for the young people.

And we have to go out with positive messages about our profession and the maritime sector. It could, for example, be a new internship warranty. Otherwise we will not be chosen," said John Ipsen.

And there is still a need for skilled Danish employees in the Danish shipping companies," said Jesper S. Jensen, Technical Manager at Torm.
"Our ships are no different from our competitors’ ships. It's the people who make the difference. Torm currently has 180 Danish officers employed and it is a very good business. There are also very skilled people in the East. But they lack a few things: Creativity in relation to finding new solutions and the ability to say something when there is something wrong. These are very important skills," said Jesper S. Jensen, who also emphasizes Danish officers' strong leadership skills and high innovative approach.

Therefore, the shipping company attaches great importance to educating cadets all the way up to senior officers.
"It is indeed expensive. But it is Torm's opinion that it is necessary to do," said Jesper S. Jensen.

Source: The editors of Maritime Denmark

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